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7 Easy Ways to Promote Your Books


Keep in mind that your books are valuable, they are the most precious inventory of your author-publishing business. Dozens of free or very inexpensive ways – other than your time – can help to promote your books. Let’s have a look at this way of “Marketing on a Shoestring”:


Add a link to your sales page to email and forum signatures
This will only take you a couple of minutes – and could get your e-book in front of hundreds of people. Just add a line to your email signature, next or under your name, author of ….. (book titles), available from …. (link).  If you are a member in forums, check whether it’s okay to link to your e-book sales page in your signature.

Mention your book(s) in your “about” page
New blog readers or visitors on your website, and even people on Twitter and other Social Media sites want to see who you are and what your blog is all about. The “About” page is a fantastic place to mention all your books and e-books. You can also set up a completely free single-page site at  and only use this link to show all your websites, blogs, Social Media sites etc. Here is a sample:

Add your e-book’s cover image, plus a short description of key benefits (perhaps in bullet-point format).  Encourage readers to “click here to find out more” rather than “click here to buy now”.

Send a sample chapter to everyone on your email list
Your newsletter or mailing list is a superior marketing tool, however, avoid overloading your readers with offers and promotions. Instead provide an exclusive free chapter to your email list. Use the last page of it to tell readers where to get the full e-book. Your readers will be thrilled – and you may make some new sales. If you don’t have an email list yet, or if your list is very small, a free sample of your book makes a compelling sign-up incentive for your blog.

Guest post on a relevant Blog
Your own blog my not have many readers. Yet, it’s not too hard to get your new book in front of an audience of ten thousands of readers: Write a great guest post on an established blog and promote your e-book in the bio / signature. Find a blog that has readers who are constantly looking for new, exciting books.

Comment on other writers blogs
When you comment on another blog, most of the time the form asks for your web address. If readers think your posts are valuable, they will be interested to learn more about you and will click on this link to find your blog or website.

Join more Social Media sites
You are busy already with the ones you have? It is almost the same effort to “feed” one Social Media Site as it is for five. Write your info or comment ones and send it to all your sites. Or copy and paste the latest info from one site and post it on the other ones. Or add your own photographs on multiple sites. It is not important how much time you spend on each of them, rather than how interesting your post(s) are. If can also use social bookmarking programs: write a new blog post or edit your website and with one click on your computer your article or web entry is spread all over the internet to each and every social media site or blog roll you ever registered before. This way you save a lot of time – time you can use to comment on other peoples post and be “social”.

Join HARO, Help-A-Reporter-Online
Several thousands of journalists across the country are constantly on deadline for stories they need to finish. Often they need to interview experts for the insights that build their stories. You are probably more qualified than you think to serve as an expert on many topics. Journalists love to interview authors and authorities on certain subjects, and they will introduce you as the author of …. book, which will give you free publicity.

Do you use all these practices to promote your book – and some more?  Get many more tips here on this blog, sign up to get all articles regularly – and let us know, comment, YOUR tips for book promotion.




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