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Did You Know: Free Phone via Google Voice?



You might already Use it: “Google Voice“, a free and very convenient way to make calls.
I heard about this great alternative to Skype during the last three years, but never paid attention, until now, when I realized that I could click on phone numbers in my emails and use the phone pad window that appeared, to make free calls. These calls are free for phone numbers that are based in the United States or Canada. Calls to numbers outside the US and Canada will incur a small per-minute fee, mostly between 2 cents / min for land lines and 10 cents / for cell phone numbers.

Get a “Google Phone Number”
Friends and relatives no longer have to “hunt you down” by calling a series of different numbers
hoping to find where you are. They simply call the new telephone number and you can answer
on the ringing telephone that is closest to you.
Google Voice service is more of a “phone number management” service than a typical Internet
phone service so it does a lot more than let you make free phone calls. Google Voice can be
used to make free PC to phone calls and free PC to PC calls.
The easiest and most common way to use Google Voice is to allow the service to connect your
phone to the destination number for free as “phone to phone” call.
However, there is no phone required – just your internet connection and maybe a microphone to
make calls, which is really not necessary, I never used one so far. The connections are as good
as with Skype, if not better.

Google Voice: Calling Rates
International calling rates, a couple of just samples, more here:
From Canada to the United States calls are FREE and WITHIN the USA certainly too.
International (differing to cell or land lines) e.g. France, Austria, Germany 2 cents for land lines,
10 cents to cell phones.

These free phone calls are clear and very easy to use, and I think Google Voice is one of the
best ways to make free Internet phone calls. One user said: “I don’t miss my old-fashioned phone
service from the local telephone company. I also don’t miss the old-fashioned telephone bill from
the local phone company.”

More info about the free Google Voice calls:

Introduction by Google:


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