Top 12 Blog Posts in 2013

07 Jan



Approaching 400,000 readers …

We do not only use FavStar  – which shows us the most popular and most re-tweeted posts, but also a handful of other online tools e.g. to learn about our most popular / viral going blog articles and at what time they received the most tweets. 

Timing of posts and tweets plays a huge factor, as well as the practical value of blog posts for the reader.

Free book marketing tools and Social Media in general seem to get the most readers and responses:

46 Top Websites to Promote Your Book for FREE

Writing is an Art – Publishing is a Business!

7 Top Reasons for Writers to Be on Goodreads

Twitter or Facebook? What’s Better For Authors?

11 Websites to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Less than Minimum Wage for Authors?

5 Tips to Improve your Amazon Author Page & Sell More Books

Smart Authors Get Paid for Marketing Their Books!

11 Tips How to Create Web Content WITHOUT even Writing

9 Things Authors Should Never Do on Twitter

99 Top Forums/Blogs to Post Your Book for FREE

Why You Should Have a Print Book Too & POD


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