3 Simple Changes to Improve Your Articles

08 Jan



Not really happy with the response to your blogs?  Try these three changes for your blog posts, website or article writing. It will make a huge difference between articles being read or going viral.  Implementing these tips only half-heartily – starting with better headlines – I already gained almost 300,000 blog visitors in the last year.

# 1 The Secret to Writing Great Headlines
Studies have shown that you can increase your conversion rate on a blog article, tweet or link by 73% if you use a great headline. People read blog posts because the title catches their attention. Create headlines that will captivate readers. Posts don’t go viral, but headlines do. It’s the headline that people share on Social Media.

  • Use Promises
    Readers will click on headlines that promise a reward, such as a solution to their problem or a sure path way to success. The most popular headlines are starting with numbers, such as “How to” or “Tips for”. You have seen lots of titles like: “99 Top Websites to Show Your Book“……… “77 Reasons Why Your Book Was Rejected” ….. or “The Benefit on Using Google+” ……
  • Use Celebrity Names
    All the top tweets feature celebrities, such as Obama or Oprah. For example: “Oprah uses this visualization technique. Should you?”
  • Use “New”
    Your headline should promise something new. “How a New App is Changing the Way we Edit Books.” or “5 Social Media Trends You Need to Know.”
  • Use Best and Worst
    Jeff Bullas, writing at the same topic, not only suggests to use new, celebrity, promises or numbers, but also best and worst: “Top 10 Google+ Posts or 2013.” or “Biggest Social Media Mistakes of 2013.”


# 2 Quote an Expert – or Several
If you read the most popular blogs on the Internet, you will notice that they have quite a few outbound links. People take you seriously when they know your information comes from an insider or a specialist in a certain field.
Theoretically, one can compile blog posts together on subjects she or he knows absolutely nothing about. As long as one knows how to quote and cite the right people, one will be taken seriously. Gather expert knowledge. This is how journalists make money with their articles (after thoroughly researching the topics).


# 3 Tell Stories or Write About Your Learning Experiences
Point to your own mistakes / experiences or to stories of companies or individuals that had done what you recommended, and how it worked for them. Readers like to listen to real stories. Which are much more likely to go viral than just blank information.
If you change only one thing about your blog content, this one should be it: Sprinkle a few stories and examples into your blog posts to justify what you are saying.

Last but not least: don’t get discouraged. Many bloggers write a couple of posts, don’t see much traffic, and give up. Building a readership takes time and experience. It takes effort to find ways to get your particular audience to visit, comment on your posts, and recommend you to others – but it’s worth it.!  Read More Blog Posting Tips:




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  1. joseyphina

    January 8, 2014 at 9:41 am

    Thank you for the info. Really useful.

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    January 14, 2014 at 3:54 am

    Thanks. It’s awesome ,it is realy helpful, I appreciate it!
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