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3 TOP Reasons to Have Your Book on PINTEREST



You might be addicted to Pinterest already. And I am the first to confess, it’s fun to browse their site and pin away… After all, it’s the third largest social network in North America. There are lots of reasons, not only female writers should be on Pinterest, just everyone who sells books or other items can benefit tremendously from joining Pinterest. Can it really help you sell more books? And how to sell your book via Pinterest?

1. By showing your book on Pinterest
It means not only, to pin the cover image, but also illustrations and images representing the content of your book. Let’s assume you wrote a historical novel and the heroine lives in Scotland. It means you can show tons of images regarding to your story. Get them on free photo sites, use links we posted in former blogs. To find them, just type in free images into the search function at

Search on these free photo sites for landscape photos of Scotland, antique furniture, dresses from the period, recipes… the list goes on and on. Possible board topics at Pinterest could also include book quotes, books turned into movies or book inspired art. Create a separate page for each of these topics, and in no time you will have dozens or even hundreds of “pins”, which makes it interesting for your visitors to browse your books’ Pinterest page.

2. By creating a direct link to your sales page
Pinterest drives more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn, combined. This means if you want people clicking through to the book page on your website or on Amazon, B&N or Kobo, Pinterest may be your best bet. Don’t post only your books. Treat it as a way to share things you love. Visitors to your page will be happy to “meet the author”.

And this is how your visitors can find – and buy your book:
Add a description of your book, the direct link to your sales page and add the price after the description with a $ sign. Example: $2.99. Pinterest will place the price in the upper left corner of the image. Pinterest will automatically link to your site or product when a person clicks on it. For example:

3. By writing about your book & adding your book trailer
Your presence on Pinterest invites your readers into your life and gives them a reason to buy your books. Keep your presence welcoming. Have a dialogue and re-pin some of their images on your site as well. And if you are an established writer with several books, create separate Pinterest accounts and pages for each one of your books.

Writers who already have a personal account on Pinterest will be able to convert it to a business account. The process to open an author / business account with Pinterest is very easy and really fast. Visit their sample sites to learn more. Use Pinterest’s buttons and widgets to make it easier for people to pin items from your site, see what you’re doing on Pinterest, and follow you or your boards.

Unlike Facebook, Pinterest users don’t have to restrict their searches to information pinned on their friends’ walls. Users can choose to search the entire site. So while a user may not be following your profile, they can still look at and click your link even if they don’t re-pin the link, they will find your books’ sales page.

However, not only photos, also videos can be posted, which means you can add your book trailer (video) as well!


Pinterest is the hottest social media tool right now. How do you make your Pinterest page work for your book business? Have a look at these pins: Maximize Pinterest for your Business!




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How can you promote your Google+ or Facebook business page?

The next-generation social shopping experiences will get more personal, allowing consumers to share more. Selling your books – additionally – on Google+ or Facebook?  

To help build the most efficient (and awesome) Google+ page for your brand, check out the articles compiled in a mega-list of the top how-to guides from around the web.  But how can you promote your business pages?  Here are some ideas (I like the contest best)

  • Add your Google+ and Facebook page URL to your email signature. You already put your website or blog in your email signature. Now add your Twitter profile and Google+ / Facebook page.
  • Write a blog post about your new Google+ or Facebook page.
  • Give people reasons to like your pages. Make a list of 5 to 7 reasons on how they will benefit by liking your page.
  • Tag other people’s high-traffic Google+ or Facebook pages in your updates.  Refer to, tag, and link to other Google+ or Facebook pages, especially those with tons of fans or those targeted to your interests or Facebook page focus.
  • Run an exciting contest on your Google+ and Facebook business pages, on your website, your blog, or your Twitter profile where the person who sends the most fans to your page wins a big prize – such as an iPad or a Kindle Fire.

Social Commerce presents another opportunity for authors to do away with traditional publishing.  They are becoming a new kind of online shopping centre with many retailers setting up shops and taking sales. 



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