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How can you promote your Google+ or Facebook business page?

The next-generation social shopping experiences will get more personal, allowing consumers to share more. Selling your books – additionally – on Google+ or Facebook?  

To help build the most efficient (and awesome) Google+ page for your brand, check out the articles compiled in a mega-list of the top how-to guides from around the web.  But how can you promote your business pages?  Here are some ideas (I like the contest best)

  • Add your Google+ and Facebook page URL to your email signature. You already put your website or blog in your email signature. Now add your Twitter profile and Google+ / Facebook page.
  • Write a blog post about your new Google+ or Facebook page.
  • Give people reasons to like your pages. Make a list of 5 to 7 reasons on how they will benefit by liking your page.
  • Tag other people’s high-traffic Google+ or Facebook pages in your updates.  Refer to, tag, and link to other Google+ or Facebook pages, especially those with tons of fans or those targeted to your interests or Facebook page focus.
  • Run an exciting contest on your Google+ and Facebook business pages, on your website, your blog, or your Twitter profile where the person who sends the most fans to your page wins a big prize – such as an iPad or a Kindle Fire.

Social Commerce presents another opportunity for authors to do away with traditional publishing.  They are becoming a new kind of online shopping centre with many retailers setting up shops and taking sales. 



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New e-Book Markets Through Social Commerce

What is Social Commerce? Selling your books – additionally to Amazon or bookstores – on Facebook and Google? Social Commerce presents another opportunity for authors to get off the traditional publishing train – or sometimes drain.

Facebook is becoming a new kind of online shopping centre with many retailers setting up Facebook shops and taking sales through Facebook.  Google+ is likely to follow with a ready-made payment system in GoogleCheckout – a bit similarely to PayPal, but offers a complete, instant store system that you can use with Blogger, Google Sites, and your website.

The opportunity Social Commerce presents to publishers and authors is significant. The ability to sell direct to readers effectively has lots of benefits. This is a channel that is made even more effective with the growth of eBooks, offering instant, direct sales with no warehousing.

It presents an opportunity to publishers to engage more directly with their readers and monetise this relationship. Benefits will be significant, not just through an increased knowledge of reader’s interests but also from increased margins in a channel where retailers are not necessary anymore

Have a look at this superb post:




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