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The Magic of Keywords for Your Success



Did you ever wonder why almost identical blog articles or books get different amounts of readers / popularity? If topics and quality of the content are comparable, then the reason is almost always the “right keywords” – or their lack of.

Don’t expect that only building high-quality web pages that offer a valuable user experience, invites Google’s Search Engines to discover your pages, and reward them with volumes of traffic. No, that’s not how it works!


Keywords are the Kings of Internet Search
Using the right keywords is not only important for blogs and websites, but also for shopping sites, such as eBay or Amazon, looking for a job or hiring people, and posting and sharing photos. Everything you publish should be relevant to what people want when searching the web.
Focus your content on what people are searching for!

What words or phrases do people use to search for the topics you love to write about?  Don’t wonder why your traffic still isn’t climbing even though your writing style, quality and blog design are exceptional. The worst mistake is to ignore the keyword research and failing to use those words in your posts!

How to Find the Right Keywords
Here are some examples of free keyword tools:

Google’s Keyword Planner
You must have an AdWords account (FREE) to access it. This Google Keyword Planner will show you statistics, such as average monthly searches, competition level (high, medium, or low), the average cost per click, and more. However, it doesn’t give you exact keyword suggestions, but suggests more synonyms and variations than many other tools available. To find it, go to your Tools and Analysis tab at your AdWords account.

Enter a keyword to get profitable keyword suggestions from their FREE Keyword Tool. Wordstream has over a Trillion Keywords in their database, so try using long-tail keywords like ‘buy xbox 360’ to see exactly how people search for a particular topic.
Frank Watson from Search Engine Watch: “WordStream has launched a free keyword research tool that is better than Google’s limited one.”

KeyWord Density Analyzer
Don’t spam your content with the same keywords. Five times is the absolute maximum for the same word. I once was offered a guest blog and found 39 times the same keyword within 700 words of content. Would I have used this text on our blog I would have gotten in trouble with Google’s spam policy, and maybe even lost our great ranking on
This FREE KeyWord Density Analyzer helps you to discover spamming. Just type in your blog or website link and receive the word analysis of your content. and bloggers, as well as users of can easily see the words that readers used to find their blog or website, and conclude which search words are the most popular at the moment.

Start right away and find out what keywords to target for each page on your website, blog or for your book description. The goal is to create an optimized page for search engines. You can do this by including the right keywords throughout your content, in your title tags as well as meta descriptions and ALT image attributes.  The right keywords are the foundation of your writing success!

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