Happy Thanksgiving and Why We Moved the Blog

26 Nov
Happy Thanksgiving and Why We Moved the Blog

Happy Thanksgiving and Why We Moved the Blog


Thanks to all 705,000 visitors of this blog, to all subscribers and especially to all of you who helped to make a smooth transition from to our “own” website here: were you will find continuesly all the publishing and book marketing news, links and tips that you are used to receive several times a week on the “old” blog.

You Might Ask Why a Change of Name? is our own site, we pay a small amount ($3.95) for hosting from BlueHost, we decide the design and we can use our own website however we want to.  The blog name is also shorter, and sounds more professional than the WordPress name.  And readers can sign up for our newsletter, which they could not on our old site.

Some of the Reasons for “Moving”:
A WordPress blog  (the one we used before, and which you are just reading) is “pre-fabricated”, free to use, no hosting necessary, but you don’t own it, you cannot make major changes in design and you cannot use your own plug-ins.  Wordpress also places their advertisements – which you cannot control  – in your blog.  You might not see these ads on your own computer, but at any other device e.g. a computer of friends, readers or in a library.  To prevent this, you would have to pay $30/year.  The good part:  They have an automatic spam protection which is pretty thorough!  And readers can certainly find all the previous articles (over 1,130) on this site in the future.  Just type what you are looking for, into the search function of the blog.

To receive every article at  please sign up at the pop-up window that appears after 20 seconds.  It says: “To receive the latest blog post, enter your email address”.





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