Developing Natural Audience – A Correspondence with Rachel Thompson

28 Nov
Developing Natural Audience – A Correspondence with Rachel Thompson

“The ‘ideal’ and the reason so many authors are enamored with traditional publishing, is that they think the publisher will do all the marketing for them. Wrong! Regardless of how one is published (traditional, hybrid, or indie), you will need to create your own branding, your own platform. If not, how will people hear of you?
Writers don’t have time to both write AND market. I agree — who does? Nobody said this writing gig would be easy. Writers who think that all they have to do is write and the magical marketing gods will swoop in and market their work and take care of all that bothersome financial stuff? Fooling themselves.
Being a writer is to be self-employed. It is a BUSINESS. Many cities actually require writers have a business license. How is writing not a business, then? If you write books, you are creating and selling (usually via a retailer), but money exchanges hands and you will be paying taxes.”
Read more what Rachel Thompson sayd in a recent interview at

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As part of my continuing correspondence series, Developing Natural Audience, I decided to reach out to author, book promoter and social media consultant, Rachel Thompson. Many of you may know Rachel from her company, Bad Redhead Media. Rachel is also the brains behind the Twitter blog sharing meme, #MondayBlogs, which she started back in 2012.

Here’s a look at our e-mail exchange:

Dear Rachel,

As I mentioned to you, the interview I recently published with Marc Zegans, The Art of Finding Natural Audience set off a firestorm of a response. It seems that many writers and other creative people are experiencing real pain around the prospect of promoting their work after it’s been completed.

As someone who specializes in the area of book promotion, when dealing with the particular experience of authors who have put so much of themselves into their work, do you find…

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