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18 Jul



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As a reader of our blog you found already a treasure trove of book marketing tips and you might have realized the immense possibilities to promote your books. But there is more you can get from us:  We can consult you in all things publishing (digital and print), evaluate your marketing plans, promote your book intensively and show you how to navigate social media sites.  Act now! Take advantage of our engaging, professional help, we have studied business, marketing and e-publishing and have 30 years publishing experience.

You are a very talented author who has written a fantastic book, or even several – but the publishing / promoting process is an adventure and it can take up quite some of your valuable writing time. So it is smart to get professional help, especially when it is so easy and inexpensive, and when you can learn a lot about publishing and publicizing your future books. Let us show you how you can save lots of time in your book promotion, and also, how to use your manuscript and research to write articles you can sell too..

We certainly customize our Book Publishing and Marketing Support
directly to YOUR book and your needs!

Online Seminar / Consulting
  • Unlimited book marketing consultations by email for up to three months
  • Unlimited social media help for up to three months
  • Three hours of one-on-one Book Marketing Online Seminar phone-consultations
  • Instructions / checklist / links for you to use for your book promotions
  • Author interview on our blog website – this article stays there forever!
  • Free e-book for you: “Book Marketing on a Shoestring” launch Winter 2013
  • Plus one surprise gift we will reveal once you signed up!
Promotion of your book
  • Introduction of your books on dozens of reader communities with a 50,000+ audience
  • Advertising of your two books on free days /promotions with Amazon KDP to over 365.000+ readers
  • Blog posts including cover image/author bio/books description on both, blog & our websites
  • “Book of the Month” individual email recommendation to more than 2,900 readers on Goodreads etc.
  • Book posts/tweets/ads several times/week for 3 months on all sites to over 400.000+ readers

Even more book marketing possibilities:
Additional book promotion websites:  will also promote the articles about your books and about you as a writer. These new sites will be dedicated to publicize our customers’ books, and will be heavily promote to a readership of several hundred thousand followers on all our Social Media sites and blogs at WordPress, Hubpages, Squidoo, Blogger etc.

We offer all this and more for only $ 179 for a three-months package. Take advantage of this great offer! Book Publicity firms usually charge more than $2,500 for much less service, than we offer!

What former clients said:

  • ”Thank you so much. You are amazing, so helpful to all of us who are starting down the road of self publishing. I just printed that blog post off this morning and will start to act on it today. You are an inspiration. Thanks again for everything.”
  • “Your advice all along the way has been so very valuable to help me make those importantdecisions, thank you so much for that.”
  • “Boy, you really provide a service. If you ever need a reference, count me in. Anything I can do to promote you back. You rock.”
  • “I am so happy with 111Publishing for helping me out. If ANYONE is self-publishing a book I highly recommend using her for consulting. Thank you Doris for saving me $3700.”


Learn more about this individual book marketing help at,
email us your questions via 111publishing a t gmail d o t com, or skype us.




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One response to “Book Promotion: Lots of Added Value For You

  1. insaneowl

    July 19, 2013 at 3:23 am

    I fully agree that the Book Marketing package offered is not only economical but with value added services. She guides me on a day-to-day basis, always helpful, always approachable. Thank you. Highly recommend Doris.


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