The Magic behind the Fantasy

02 Mar




From the small town of Reidsville, and now from Raleigh, North Carolina, William Stadler enjoys writing novels, specifically in the epic fantasy genre where heroes and villains come to life.

William Stadler: “I wrote short stories in sixth grade, and my teacher used to give us six or seven lines to fill in. I’d use those seven lines, and then I’d turn the sheet over and fill up half of the back.  After that, I didn’t write extensively again for over fifteen years (except for a poetry phase).

But then something crazy happened. Steve Jobs died. I’m not typically bothered by the death of a celebrity, but Steve Job’s death really got to me. I started reading some of his quotes, and one said, “Set a goal, and work at it everyday.

Now I’ve heard that philosophy all my life, but something about that instance really got me thinking about what I truly enjoyed doing: writing.  Steve Job’s final words about working at your dream everyday materialized a writing passion within me. Because this has been so liberating, I have developed an inner desire to see people write.”

The Pioneers Saga series was created. After months of writing, often until 3 a.m. and on his lunch break, Stadler’s first three novels have been released. He has already begun to work on his next trilogy saga.

His literary influences are George R.R. Martin; Stephen King; Terry Goodkind. Friends say William Stadler’s Stephen King-esque productivity has pushed them to make time for writing. “Hanging out with him has inspired me a lot to rediscover the passion that I have,” a friend said.

If you would like to follow William Stadler, you can find him on twitter @William_Stadler.
He also writes a weekly blog, teaching aspiring authors how to develop their writing skills.
Goodreads, almost a must for writers and readers, shows him and his books, as well as Google+

William Stadler created a video for The Pioneers series – EXTRACTED 

His Book Trailer can be found here on YouTube:



While on a routine mission in the neighboring province of Broughtonhaven, Caleb Eaves and his squadron are ambushed by a band of assassins.  Left to die in an icy prison, Caleb has not heard from his wife who has gone missing, and he fears that his people have abandoned him.He must find a way to escape and track down his attackers if he ever hopes to regain the life he once he had.
Available on Amazon and B&N, 384 pages, $0.97




Six months have passed since the victory at Bachenlaw. A new and incompetent governor has been named the head of the Polarist Region, and Broughtonhaven is at risk of being Dominated by these cold-blooded neighbors to the northwest. The Spiritualists plummet into darkness as they struggle to defend themselves from their invaders. The Alpha Council has refused to intervene, while Caleb, Sarai, and the Pioneers fear for the fate of the mainland.
Available on Amazon and B&N, 323 pages, $2.98



Since the last war, the mainland of Clydenholm has known peace for the past three years. The Pioneers have settled their own civil disputes, and the life of tranquility that Caleb has longed for seems to be within his grasp. What he soon realizes is that this life is farther from him than he knows.

While on an Emblem Run in the Polarist Region, Caleb and Sarai discover that they are being watched, spied on by the Alpha Council. The location of the Pioneers is on the brink of being revealed, and if Juten is discovered, the Alphas promise to demolish the entire island, abandoning the Pioneers to their death.  Amidst it all, a dark evil looms over Clydenholm, one that threatens to expose the very wickedness of its inhabitants. Caleb and Sarai must face their own darkness if Clydenholm will be saved.  Available on Amazon and B&N, 306 pages, $3.02

Enjoy the series and gift the author with a review : )    These three books in the Pioneer series cannot only be bought with one click on Amazon, but also be gifted: just click on “Give a Gift” and it will be send to the recipient’s email.  No Kindle necessary with Amazons free Cloud software.  Readers can also order a sample of each book with the “Sample now” button on Amazon.


Book Reviewers wrote this:
5.0 out of 5 stars SIMPLY AMAZING
“I have never liked a book this much !!!”


5.0 out of 5 stars Great read, possibly the next big thing!
“In his debut novel, William Stadler has crafted a refreshing new addition for the fantasy genre.”


5.0 out of 5 stars A book to feed your imagination, spirit, and heart
“I was never a sci-fi reader, but I took a chance at “The Pioneers: Extracted” because I knew it wouldn’t merely become a book to expand my imagination. My expectations were abundantly filled by Stadler’s writing style and ….”


4.0 out of 5 stars Engaging Thriller, Satisfying Story, and Original Fantasy
“This book is both quality fantasy and a read I would recommend to anyone interested in an intriguing novel (I have already bought it as a gift for a couple people).”


5.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable read
“I really enjoyed reading this book.”


5.0 out of 5 stars Great story!
“This is a great story. I have rarely seen such great depth of character and character development.”






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