As an Author-Publisher You Are Not Alone

01 Mar



It’s an adventure for sure … and you never wanted to become an entrepreneur! You just wanted to write. Publishing and marketing are almost scary tasks for you. It seems, as if you have to learn a complete new profession. The writing is finished, yet there are so many new challenges approaching:

  • proofreading and editing
  • cover design and ebook formatting
  • uploading to all online retailers
  • choosing a print form and get a layouter
  • getting articles published about you and your book


And more questions are coming up:

  • why do I have to market my book, even it is on Amazon?
  • what on earth is a “platform”?
  • why should I create a brand as author?
  • why and how should I create a blog/website?
  • why do I have to be on these social media sites?
  • why join several reader forums?


So, how can you make self-publishing and book marketing an enjoyable journey, how can you learn it all, without even studying economy, marketing, e-publishing etc ?

Take advantage of our professional help to learn:

  • how you can establish a brand as a writer
  • the publishing and retail possibilities
  • all the pre-publishing book marketing steps
  • blogging & automatic posting of your articles to Twitter, FB, Google+, Goodreads…
  • how to make lots of reader contacts on several social media sites
  • researching your possible competition & popularity of genres/positioning
  • how to identify your target readers & plan your blog content & marketing strategies
  • how to get lots of readers & reviewers

… and the list goes on and on

Would you learn to drive a car or fly a plane without instructor?
Compare learning to be a successful author-publisher to getting a drivers licence or learning a new language or to fly an airplane: It is frightening first, but once you have learned it – with a professional instructor on your site – and you gain self-confidence, it becomes sheer pleasure. Would you learn to drive a car, learn a new language or fly a plane without instructor?

Everything you accomplished in life makes you proud and is fun doing! So will be author-publishing and book marketing.

“Nobody ever made money writing a book – only by selling it”
If you want to get help and valuable support, for less than $1/per day: Sign up now for an individual Book Marketing online seminar & coaching, customized to YOUR book and your needs. Get practical support to market your book almost for free. Get all the details:

9 Reasons to Get Help Boosting Your Books Success

3 Options for Authors to Sell their Books





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2 responses to “As an Author-Publisher You Are Not Alone

  1. Patrick Jones

    March 2, 2013 at 10:55 am

    Reblogged this on The Linden Chronicles and commented:
    Totally correct, kind of like the rungs of a ladder…a never ending ladder!

  2. Cynthia Tussey Harris

    March 2, 2013 at 6:15 pm

    Thanks for a good blog. Hope you stop by the Online Winter Book Fair at my place and sign up for the giveaways.


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