12 Smart Ways to Promote Your Author Blog or Website

12 Mar

Niagara Falls


Nowadays blogging competition is stiff, no matter how useful for the reader and well-written your posts are. If you are starting a blog, you cannot expect to become famous just by posting regularly (at least 3 – 4 times a week). Yet, there are several ways to get many followers (and potential customers) in a short time. And all these following tips are helping to market your book(s).

1. Have your blog easy found.
Get your own URL for your blog or incorporate it in your own author website. This way search engines find you easier.

2. Let the world know about your blog.
Submit your blog / website to search engines and forums, either by hand or with the help of submitting services.

3. Link to other blogs.
Find established and popular blogs in your field and ask them later friendly to link to you in return. Your content and appearance must certainly match the quality of the other blog

4. Have your blog URL everywhere.
Add your blog URL to your business card, to book marks and most important: to your email signature.

5. Comment on other blogs.
Write friendly and professional comments on other established blog sites. These should have at least 80-100 words. Avoid comments such as: Nice post!  Add something intelligent to the conversion.

6. Join Google+.
Join it right away to make sure your blog will be soon highly ranked: Everything you post on Google+ is automatically in their search engine. Create lots of followers in your Google+ “circles” in order to have many readers for your daily (better 2 – 3 times a day) posts. Never forget to have a link to your blog or website in these postings.

7. Write guest columns for other bloggers.
Guest columns on an established blog, with a great position on search engines, offer you the opportunity to write about a topic of interest and reach a large audience. Usually either at the beginning or at the end of your post, the owner of the blog will give you a quick bio, (or just a link to your website or blog) where they’ll mention who you are, your web address and your book. To write a guest column, first review the blog to make sure that guest bloggers are allowed to contribute. If so, submit a great query for an article you would like to write.  Explain why you think it would appeal to that blog’s audience.

8. Submit photos to Pinterest and Flickr.
Use your (own!) images to submit them with a link to your blog or website – and preferably an extensive caption or a short article. Use the “Tags”, keywords to your advantage. Flickr allows up to 75 tags. For example: you submit a cover image of your latest book. Do not only use the words in your title, but every keyword in your blurb, in the foreword and in the content of your whole book. It should be easy to find those 75 tags.  Image posting on Pinterest works best when you have a whole collection of images or illustrations to create a presentation. Many Pinterest members reported more than 1,000-fold increase in visitors on their blog or website. Write about (and link to) your photo sites when posting on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks that are not as” image-friendly.”

9. Write a Magazine Article.
There are plenty of local magazines around your area and beyond. Find the magazine that caters to your demographic and write articles for submission. Send an irritable query to the editor and offer an image (or more) to illustrate your article. This might even turn into a paid column if feedback from readers is positive.

10. Schedule a Seminar.
The best way to promote your blog is through speaking engagements. Contact Libraries in your area and offer them a free presentation or workshop. You don’t need to make money with the seminar, more important are book buyers and visitors of your blog, whom you inform about the launch of your next work.   As a fiction writer you can explain the audience how to start writing, how to do your research and find the characters, how to plot and how to edit a book. Non-fiction writers can educate or entertain (or both) the audience. If you wrote a book about Wine, you could talk about wine tours in a certain area – and after your presentation (with lots of images) you might sell your book directly to the participants.

11. Attend a TweetUp.
You are probably already using Twitter and if you are not… you really should. Find followers under the terms #reader #book lover #bookclub #book lover #fiction/non-fiction #romance #mystery or whatever your genre is. Twitter users usually have different networking events where they meet each other in a specific geographic location. Attend a TweetUp and give more face time with the people you communicate with online.  Some is with Google+. They have meetings and also online “Hangouts” up to a dozen people on camera.

12. Write a Press Release
And as you are at it, write an article for several of these “Content Farms” or e-Zines and include a short bio and a link to your blog. You do not need to write a new article, use content from your book or blog and change the title and maybe a sentence here and there, and voila! you can submit it to a handful of e-Zines.

Stay tuned for more possibilities to market your blog and to get more traffic, especially through Ping Services.



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