How Writers & Publishers benefit from Google+

11 Feb

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How To Use Google+ For Your Book Publishing Venue

Are you one of the 100 Mio users of Google+ or … are you still thinking about

There are many ways how using Google+ can help to boost your Search Engine
Optimization as Google+ has tied their platform to all the Google Search features.
Any business and especially writers are better off to create and maintain a
Google+ page to generate more traffic from people doing internet searches.

Some of the benefits of Google+ are:

  • Search Engine Rankings are directly affected when you add the +1 button to your website or blog and the number of +1s a particular page receives is a factor in how well it will rank in search for keywords. Readers can easily share your blog posts and web pages with their friends, and at the same time help your pages rank better.
  • With the launch of Google+ author names, images, and information throughout results pages for editorial content have been added. This works as an inbound link into the author’s Google+ profile page, yet also ensures that every author who is active blogger, signs up for Google+ and uses the service.
  • Optimize your status updates with relevant keywords. Google includes specific status updates from Google+ in their search results,when they are relevant, this way boosting personal profiles and brand pages.
  • What’s more: Built your Google+ Business Page, using marketing best practices, benefit from the segmentation through the Google+ circles and don’t forget to incorporate the +1 button.

Google+ has definitely emerged as a key player in online marketing and poses a
challenge to Facebook’s domination of the social media space.


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