e-Book Millionaire

12 Apr

E-book selling has taken out the entire distribution and book-return process as writers find easy, simple ways to publish their books and place them straight into e-book stores.

Current prices large publishers charge for e-books (anywhere from US $ 9.99 to US $ 16.99) will have to be reduced if they want to compete.  There are too many good and/or popular books that are selling for much lower prices.  “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” sells for US $ 5.00 on Sony’s ebook store, for example. Stephen King, and Dean Koontz also have e-books on the market for under US $ 10.00, or even under  US $ 5.00 for some of their titles.



The eBook Poster Girl
Twenty-six year old Amanda Hocking has quickly become an e-book bestseller with her nine self-published paranormal novels about trolls, vampires, and zombies.  Amazing is that she only began publishing ebooks in March 2010.  By the end of that year she’d sold 164,000 copies of her e-books priced from $.99 to $2.99.  This January she sold over 450,000 copies, (99% of them e-books).

She attributes her success to aggressive marketing on twitter, Facebook, and her blogs.   And: she’s outselling big name authors. How is a large publisher going to compete with the wave of independently published books that lots of people are buying?

In the future, distribution won’t be the main reason a book sells.  It will be price and content. Hocking is not the only new and unknown author who is selling well.  Following the Amazon / Kindle forums, you’ll quickly realize that a growing percentage of unknown writers are selling thousands of copies of their books, and when a print book sells 500 copies these days, that is already considered good.

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