S.O.S. Animals And Other Short Stories

02 Nov



Short Stories by Fiza Pathan


How did the animals aboard the Titanic save themselves?
Fiza Pathan gives readers answers to questions, such as: How did a lion save Christians in distress? Can dolphins pray for the dead and can a snake solve a riddle? Do last wishes come true and is there really a Santa Claus? Can animals lie like human beings? Why did barn animals enter a mall? Can Tigers long for peace? Can a giraffe be self-conscious of its looks and is the strayed lamb saved by the shepherd?. All these and other questions are answered in the book “S.O.S. Animals And Other Stories” in a manner never narrated before.

“Beautifully written, touching and original.” 
Fiza Pathan writes: “‘S.O.S. Animals And Other Stories’ was the first book that I wrote, a book of short stories which can be read by people of all ages, and I am delighted and humbled that the stories were appreciated and reviewed by Margaret Kell Virany, who said:
“beautifully written, touching and original.”  And I might add: the ideal bedtime stories to read to your children and talk with them about the stories’ content.

Fiza-PathanFiza Pathan is a teacher for History and English to the Senior students. Being literary minded from a young age, she participated in and won many competitions at College in essay writing and short stories. Fiza now lives with her maternal family and writes novels and short stories which includes almost all genres, Religious writings being her forte. She has been ‘adopted’ by two stray cats who answer to the names of Lopez and Brownie.She can be followed on her website.
She published two other books besides S.O.S. Animals and Other Short Stories: CLASSICS: Why we should encourage children to read them and Treasury Of Bizarre Christmas Stories

Review ‘S.O.S. Animals And Other Stories’ by Margaret Kell Virany
Review by Br. Joshan Rodrigues

“SOS Animals and other Stories is a beautiful expression of faith through the eyes of a believer, in a manner both different and unique. The language is simple and lucid, yet enticing and appealing at the same time. The book can be used as a veritable resource book for catechesis and for moral development. The stories in this book can also be used as a simple read for daily reflections.”
Br. Joshan Rodrigues- The Examiner Issue, date 03 November 2012.

Digital version: $0.99
Paperback: 110 pages $5.65





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