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If The Twitter Community Were 100 People …

According to Twitter statistics: 20 Twitter accounts would be empty, 50 tweeps would be lazy, 5 loud mouths, and only 5 would have more than 100 followers. 55% would be women and 45% men.

Only 8% of all tweets are useful, funny or news-worthy.  Peak days and peak hours are when the most tweets are sent out, yet not the necessarily the times with the most re-tweets.


Twitter Stats

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Credit David McCandless
Here are some tips to multiply your tweets, so that many followers are getting your message within a 24-hour period – or even more, if you have an additional Twitter account …. and without getting your tweets bounced for repetition.
Don’t understand me wrong:

I am all for having interesting, news-worthy and appealing tweets. However there are times when you want to get your message out to a lot of followers and new readers, such as for your Amazon KDP Select FREE days or when you have a Goodreads Giveaway or an Event on Google+.
As your followers are not on Twitter 24/7 and they have busy lives, they might not get your message in time, if you sent it out only once or twice a day. Usually tweeps open their Twitter account and read and re-tweet only 20-30 tweets down their time line, before they move on. And when they come back to their account hours later, they do the same. They will also not stay for hours on their account. So they might never find your tweet, in which you announce your free days, or a book launch event, or your Giveaway on Goodreads.
There are several ways to “multiply” your message:

  • You can change (spin) the text in several ways
  • You can cut one long message in two short ones
  • You can open several Twitter accounts and tweet from each of them
  • You can add a variety of recipients in the beginning or end of each tweet

As I wrote before, do this only in very rare cases, for certain events, especially if you have not yet more than 2,000 followers in your timeline. You will want to send out entertaining, thoughtful, funny, tweets or news, that are interesting for your fellow tweeps.


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