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Why and How to Pitch Story Ideas to Magazines



Part 1 of 2
The odds of winning the Lottery and becoming a millionaire are approximately 1 in 14 million. For
authors to find a publisher, the odds are somewhat better. Maybe 1 out of 500 or 1,000 queries,
depending on the agent / publisher, might lead to a contract. These publishing professionals
receive 150 – 500 unsolicited book pitches per day! from writers.
No matter if you send a query to the editor of Amazon Kindle Singles  – if it is a short story – or to trade publishers, you have to compete with several dozen or even several hundred other writers.
Competition for writers when pitching at magazines and newspapers is less fierce.

How to Calculate a Book Page
Have you ever calculated how much time and money you invested in your book(s)? Added up the
hours you were sitting on your computer, typing away … and then the time you spend editing?
Multiplied by $30 or whatever you think is your writing-hour is worth? Divided the amount of your
editing invoice by the pages of your book?

Higher Compensation for Articles?
You will be surprised how much (or better said often how few) you earn net per page within a year
or two – after subtracting your costs. Compare this to earnings you can make with a couple of pages
for a magazine or a newspaper article. The average page has 450 words double-space and most
magazines pay between 50cents and $1.25 per word, airline magazines even more. Lets just take
a short article, containing 1,000 words (a bit over two pages): You will earn a couple hundred
dollars! Compared with your books content of several hundred pages you are better off, writing
more magazine articles.

You Don’t Need to Write Completely New Articles
As an author you did a lot of research already for your book, and you wrote a manuscript. What is
easier than to “re-work” this content? Tips how to do this can be found here in our former blog

Selling Argument: Author Platform/Brand
When you pitch your story to a magazine or newspaper editor you can show them your following on
Google+, Twitter, Facebook etc. and offer to post and tweet the article to your Social Media
presence. However, there is less time necessary to market an article, than to do the same with a
book. The story will be available in print only for a day, a week or latest a month, but it will be on the
internet for years to come.

Get Links to Your Website or Author Page
No matter if you get published paid (or unpaid at Huffington Post for example): Your website or
author page link is garantied, included in the short bio about you as an author at the end of the
article. It will be a longterm boost and a reference piece for your future publishing career.

To Sum it Up:
What is the benefit for you as an author to pitch to magazine editors?

  • Higher compensation / per page or word
  • No completely new content necessary
  • Build your platform and brand
  • Earn more money – and faster!
  • Less competition with other writers
  • Less time necessary to market an article
  • Articles will link to your site and market your book

Use your writing to earn more, to spend less time “marketing” and do what you like to do most:
WRITING!  Read more in our next blog, how to pitch to magazines.



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