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5 Top New Years Resolutions for Authors

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With 2013 just around the corner, are you thinking of the changes you would like to make in your (writers) live?  What are your goals for 2013, besides writing your next book? Where do you want to be in twelve months?

If one of your goals is to have a platform as a writer and successfully market your book(s) then have a look at my suggestions to built a foundation and boost your and your books success. Don’t work harder next year – work smarter!

1. Start writing a blog TODAY!
You are a writer and creating a 300 to 500 word blog post once or twice a week should be easy for you. This is a very important step for your author platform whether you have a book yet or not. It is your inventory to feed your social media sites. Start before your book comes out so you have already readers waiting for it. Show off your writing skills and write guest blogs for other successful bloggers to even multiply your visibility by linking back to your book sales page or website. Authors need bloggers almost as much as media to help promote their books. Popular bloggers have direct access to your book’s audience. Use your blog to “feed” you social media posts. Create a file to collect snippets from your blog, short sentences under 140 characters. And just copy and paste e.g. into tweets.

2. Use plug-ins to manage your time
Would you like to have SEVEN times! more people read your blog or visit your website? So, how do you get readers to share your posts or website content online? Make it easy for them to share
what you have written with their social networks, so that others can discover your content – and forward it to their followers and friends, and these also forward it to their friends and followers …. You get the idea! Take advantage of the “Share” function on WordPress to ping your blog to all your Social Media sites at one and install Social Media buttons on your website for your readers to spread the word

Increase your Social Media presence – automatically!
Being on five Social Media sites is the same “work” as being just on one single site! My suggestion is to be on Goodreads, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook (in this order).  Plug-ins and ping buttons are not the only helpers in spreading your content. Almost all Social Media and even forums, such as Goodreads are connect-able.

Your blog post can be automatically transferred to Goodreads. But that’s not all: copy the URL of your blog post and paste into your Facebook page, in your Google+ page and on just to name a few. It will be transformed automatically into a mini blog including an image of your blog post and a link. All this saves you time, quality time to interact with your followers and friends on Social Media. Don’t use these sites as sales bill boards – it’s about people!

4. Create a fabulous biography / avatar
Written once, it can be used on your books blurb, your Amazon / Goodreads author pages, on all social Media Sites, for pitches to publishers, on guest blogs …. you name it. Keep it related to you as an author or your books. And get a professional, high quality portrait!  It is a small investment for many uses and for many years to come.

5. Get help from peers
I mean not only your friends, including social media friends or family members to “LIKE”, “FOLLOW” or “FRIEND you and your books, but also professional help. Attend writers conferences, writing workshops and seminars in the coming year. You will learn, meet new friends and get new inspirations. You learn tips and tricks and you will get follow up and maybe friends for life.

Did you realize that these 5 suggestions for New Years resolutions are basics? No matter if you want to go with one of the big publishing houses or self-publish: Start your platform in a professional manner – for maximum success.

Let me know what your goals are for 2013.

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