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5 Google+ Tips for Advanced Users



Before I even joined Twitter, GooglePlus (Google+) was my first Social Media Network of choice. I loved the beautiful images and videos that appeared on my timeline. And I steel a couple of minutes every day to scroll down and share, or at least place a “plus sign”, on interesting posts.  Google+ has now the title of being the world’s second largest social network. It’s a non-brainer to use the many benefits for authors and publishers. And don’t forget the thousands of Google+ communities where you can place your post directly to your favorite audience. Here are five tips how to improve your success with GooglePlus.

1. Curate Good Content – Share it!
Most users do not create enough of their own content to be active daily on Google+. By sharing other people’s content, you can effectively engage and inspire your followers. Google’s +1 button is used 5 million times a day, according to stats from Huffington Post. Sharing other posts and writing a short comment, will also show up on Google’s Search Engine, and consequently improving your Search Engine Ranking (SEO).

2. Have Lots of Images – Less Links
Google+ is a visual social network. Posts with with a message and an uploaded image or video will get much higher engagement than shared links.

3. Tag Other People’s Posts or Share Them
By adding a “+” symbol in front of page names, your exposure on Google Search engines increases as well as this with readers, bloggers, reviewers and your supporters. You will find a strong increase of new followers over time too.  Do check regularly your Google+ notifications, found at this little bell symbol on top of your Google+ page.

4. Regularly Check Your Google+ Statistics at “Page Insights”.
Want to know when your page was visited most, from which country your visitors came from, or their gender and age? Google+ Insights will help you to find out what kind of content your followers engage with most, as well as their demographics. Insights offers you statistical information about how your target customers are engaging with your business on Google. In order to access this information, your business must have a verified local page. In an article, Search Engine Journal lists these useful features:

  • New followers on your Google+ page
  • +1 clicks on your posts, the number of re-shares your posts got from your Google+ page
  • The number of comments your post received from your Google + page
  • The number of times people clicked on Maps to get more info about your business location
  • The number of clicks received to get info on driving directions
  • The number of clicks to your website through local search results


5. Connect Your YouTube With Your Google+ Page
Currently in Beta, YouTube just announced the ability to merge your YouTube channel with your Google+ page. How it works is in detail, even with screenshots, described in an article from

Step 1: Click on your profile photo, go to your YouTube Settings > Advanced.
Step 2: Select “Connect with a Google+ page”.
Step 3: Select your Google+ page.
Step 4: Confirm that you want to merge your channel and your Google+ page.
Step 5: Note the new YouTube tab on your Google+ page.
Step 6: Select “Use YouTube as ….
Step 7: Note the integration of of your Google+ page inside your YouTube channel.
More tips how it works can be found on Google’s help site.

Google+ Benefits
According to the Digital Buzz and Huffington Post statistics, more than 625,000 People join Google+ EVERY DAY. There were over 500 million users on Google Plus in 2013 and the numbers are growing strong. Get a long list of benefits for Google+ users on  For me personally the best reason to be on Google+ (beside the fun reading my timeline) is that Google Plus influences Search Rankings – a lot!!!  What is Your reason to be on GooglePlus?




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