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How successful is your blog?

How successful is your blog?

You created your blog, and write post after post… Eventually the amount of visitors and followers grows.  Other bloggers are linking to you and you get comments. Your blog lifts off – but how much?  How do you measure your blog’s performance? How do you keep track of it?

Why measure your web search results?
Having a blog is great, but unless you can measure its effectiveness, you may not get its full benefits.
Get Server Statistics:

Traffic Analysis Firewall Log Analysis Software for Bandwidth & Traffic Monitoring

In-Depth Website Reports Gain instant marketing insight with performance dashboards

Increase Website Traffic

VisiStat Website Tracking

Web Traffic Analysis

Basic Traffic Analysis

Free Google Analytics

Web search results:

Web Marketing Strategico

Webmaster resources and Information

IP-Country mapping Database 2010.02

By tapping into the many (often free) services you can verify your efforts of reaching the desired audience, not only for your blog, but also your entire web presence.



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