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12 Amazon “Countries” in One Link



With the limited 140 characters on Twitter for example, character space counting is necessary.  To reach your potential worldwide readers, you have to tweet the link for each country separately. For some reason Amazon divides the world by countries and has separate platforms for each country, the wonderful Word-wide-Web seems not to exist for them…

Great Amazon Link Shortener
A smart software developer created a program that lets you send out one link, and no matter where your readers are, they come to their own countries’ Amazon website, even though you give the link as viewbook …. It works great. Try it out with our own Amazon sales link. Just sign in with the developers site:

Viewbook provides you with a link, which sends the customer to the Amazon site in your country, via their (viewbooks) site. It is a seamless process, and the customer doesn’t realize that it is happening. This is great for using on Twitter, as it does not matter where your potential customers live, because once they click on your link, they’ll be taken to the most appropriate Amazon store.

Track the Progress of Your Link
Another great feature provided by is the ability to track the progress of your book links.  Each link you post on Social Media gives you an estimate of how many clicks the books are receiving, and the countries they are coming from.  Two more companies currently offer a similar service: SmartURL and Georiot.

Even if You Don’t Use Their Distribution Service…
links to: Amazon, Apple iBooks, Kobo, B&N Nook, Google Play, ScribD, 24Symbols, Thalia, Inktera, Smashwords, Baja LIbros, Playster, Blio, Bookmate, Browns Books for Students, Casa del Libro, Family Christian, Hive,,, DriveThruFiction, Indigo, Angus & Robertson, Bü, FNAC, Hugendubel, Libris, Livraria Cultura, Mondadori, Rakuten, WHSmith,, Eason,,, LaFeltrinelli, Overdrive etc.

Pro and Con’s
Yes, the service is free, or at least almost, as is an Amazon affiliate and this way they receive a tiny commission from Amazon, for a $2.99 book about 6 cents.  If the customer orders more items within 24 hours through this initial Viewbook link certainly more.  However, if you are an Amazon affiliate, you will not receive small  commission on the sale of your book – will receive this tiny amount (approx. 6cents) for their great service.

To Link or Not to Link?
On the other hand: you might even sell more, as more potential readers are learning about your book by way of the “translation” of your sales page link. Your royalties will not be affected in any way. This single global link to many countries is really a superb invention, reducing lots of customer barriers, and it might improve your overall sales a little bit. There is some discussion on the Internet about Viewbook’s affiliate programs, on the other hand, if customers order free or 99cent books through referral of BookBub and similar services.  BookBub receives a commission too – on top of the hefty ad fees they charge for sending out a newsletter with advertisers’ book campaign info with a single click. That’s all they do!  I have never heard someone on the net discussing these affiliate commissions.

I personally think the “worldwide” link helps book sales a lot.  And you can certainly use both links, your “old” ones from Amazon for each country and the “worldwide” universal links.




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