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111 Tips to Create Your Book Trailer




Book trailers are one of the best ways to introduce your book to millions of readers worldwide. Learn how to plan, create – and most important: market your video is step for step explained in this valuable guide book.  Readers will explore which audience your trailer will attract for the genre of your book, how to find design ideas for book trailer, how to set the mood for your book, which music fits the style of your book, video software available, where to publicize your book trailer, just to name a few benefits. Only $2.99

From Reviewers:
“I found this book will inspire you to use video / book trailers for (book) promotions, whether you’re new to video or a seasoned pro, as it shows you how easy it is to promote your book trailer.”

“This comprehensive guide breaks down the video creating process into manageable bites so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming – even so the sheer number of links to tutorials and websites could give you the impression. Planing your video, gathering the necessary software, getting free music and images as well as the complete video-creating process are explained. Links to tutorials were extremely helpful for me as was the important video-marketing process.”

“It gives not only authors, but every small business valuable tips how video can be used to market products and services, and answers such important questions as:

  • Where do I get started with video?
  • How can I produce a video that delivers compelling reasons to buy my book?
  • Which software and hardware tools will work best for me?
  • Where are all these free video sharing sites to submit my video to, in order for it to go viral?”

Another reviewer wrote: “Stop! Just hit click and buy. The reference section alone is worth the $3. I doubt there is a better book out there for the average author/warrior. Just get it!”




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