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What is Your Reason for Blogging?

Blogging Stats, published by Technorati:

The only way to become a better writer is to write – pages and pages, day after day. That’s exactly what an active blogger spends her or his time doing. The more you blog, the more you write – and the better a writer you become. Additionally, you can sell your best articles to newspapers and magazines, even getting more attention to your writing and more authority.

Search engines are looking for results that are helpful to their users.  When you write a series of in-depth, valuable articles around a topic, Google’s Search Engines take notice.  Each high-quality blog post that you publish is another opportunity to get traffic from search. It’s called CONTENT MARKETING.

The State of Blogging

by jxtr.
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Who Are the Most Avid Bloggers?
13% of the blogosphere are entrepreneurs, or individuals blogging for a company or organization they own. 84% of these bloggers blog primarily about the industry they work in, with 46% blogging about business and 40% about technology. 76% blog to share expertise; 70% blog to gain professional recognition; and 68% to attract new clients for their business – or readers and reviewers for their books.
Static websites don’t attract many new clients or customers. However, a regularly updated blog can produce a constant stream of good leads from all around the world.  
Blogs have so much influence on purchase decisions. A blog allows the luxury of space and the time to develop a writer’s points of view.  Blog content provides added value and it will always trump advertising.
Sometimes a blog starts out as a hobby only to become a full-time business. That type of growth is not typical – only if you are willing to commit to it. Trust is a rare and valuable commodity online. You can’t buy trust. It has to be earned by demonstrating your commitment to your readers, time and time again.
Blogging is the foundation of Social Networking:
“The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else looks for work.”  – Robert Kiyosaki




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