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Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day

Well, maybe add a couple more minutes to these 30 minutes Social Media time, and learn about helpful programs, such as Hootsuite, Tweetadder, JustUnfollow, Manageflitter, Tweetdeck etc. to save time in order to win more time for interactions with your followers.

Read the Help Section
To take full advantage of the Social Media sites, study them well, read the “handbook”, helpful info and hints, set up to help users. Just from staring at the site and trying to figure out how it works, or trial and error actions, you will be only frustrated. Ask a fellow writer or your marketing coach to get even more user tips.

How to get more followers
The importance of having more followers (and following more) and how to find those precious friends has been stressed in a former blog post.  Take advantage of the great possibilities of sharing among all these sites. It is almost the same “work” if you are on one site, compared to having a presence on six or eight sites through the help of plug-ins and sharing buttons.  For example: visitors on your Goodreads page click on the Google+ or the Facebook icon and send a message about you and your book to thousands of their followers. Google+ then sends the message automatically to Twitter. To have lots of Twitter followers is beneficial for your Goodreads presence, as you can transfer Twitter followers with one click over to Goodreads!

Rock Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day [INFOGRAPHIC] - An Infographic from Pardot

Embedded from Pardot

Your Profile is your “Shop Window”
No matter which sites you join, create an attractive profile, complete with an avatar that shows a favorable and professional portrait and a solid bio. Often people will read your bio before deciding whether to follow you. If you own a company and want to use your brand as your avatar instead of a photograph, this is fine. You have to create your profile only once, and then copy and paste into every new Social Media sites you join.

More followers also means people assume you are someone interesting or an expert. It extends your popularity, influence and more book sales.


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12 Smart Ways to Boost Your Social Media Efforts


Peg Fitzpatrick wrote in a great post: Social media is fun but can be very time consuming.  Learning ways to maximize each of your efforts will make everything you do more successful.  Social media is not rocket science, however there are a few tricks and tips that can get you off the ground.  Some of these tips, among many others: Good old social skills.   Don’t forget the basics! Say hello, thank you and nice to meet you. Everyone appreciates good manners and this leads to further engagement.

Guest Posts
Writing guest posts helps you find a whole new audience for your message and gives you great content to repurpose on your own blog later.

Post on FB and include a call to action
Posting something fantastic with a call to action will encourage engagement and you will get positive results.

Use Flitter A great third party app to manage and clean up your Twitter followers. Easy to use and practical.

Use Buffer Fill up your Buffer at one time in the day and Buffer automagically posts them for you through the day. 10 posts are free, unlimited is $10/month.

Use Triberr Triberr is a blogger’s dream. You write amazing content, it’s sent magically to Triberr from your blog to a network of tribe mates waiting to share your content. This is a community of experienced bloggers that you can bond with, learn from and enjoy.

Scheduling Your Posts via HootSuite or TweetDeck or
Only have a little window of time on social media? Use the scheduling features to space out the thanks, comments and RT’s.

Maximize Your Profile Data
Help more awesome people find you. Hava complete bio and links to your blog, web and social media presence. You need to help people find you and make it easy for them to follow you.

Read the whole article how to boost your social media efforts: . . .



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