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Will Your Book Stand Out Against Millions of Others?


Next year an estimated ten to fifteen million books will be published. How will you make your book standing out among them? Plus, authors are more and more under pressure from their publishers to promote their own books. 

The good news: Help is on the way – and it doesn’t even cost you anything, other than your time. Nowadays authors have more opportunities to promote their book’s sales than ever before. Social media and the Internet allow authors to communicate directly with their audience.

5 Tips for Non-Fiction Authors to Sell More Books:

Start Planning Publicity for Your Book Nine Months in Advance
Just like preparing for a child, the birth of a book needs preparation time. Some authors tend not to think about marketing their book until it’s on Amazon already or in store shelves, which is way too late. Speak about your book, build awareness and excitement; start blogging about it or mention it in your newsletters.

Smart writers are sharing sample content months in advance, collecting testimonials and getting blurbs from other writers and authorities in your field. Don’t assume any publisher will come up with a great marketing strategy. If you are not self-publishing your book, approach your publisher’s marketing team with lots of your own marketing ideas. Think and plan what you can bring to your publishers’ table.

Never tell someone what your book is about
Rather tell your potential readers what’s in it for them and how it will help them to resolve problems and also overcome obstacles. Non-fiction book authors often get caught up in their idea, but customers only care about the results the book will produce for them. When talking about your book, tell them what is in it for them, share some tid bits from the book and explain: “if you are interested in the rest of this and in other stories, just read my new book.”

Create a Book Trailer
Any smartphone these days has a built-in high definition video camera, so you don’t have to hire a professional company. You can bring in extra lights, put your smartphone on a tripod, and you can have a video running on YouTube, TubeMogul and other video sharing sites the same day. Create a powerful marketing tool on a budget with a good quality book trailer, and it can go viral really fast. Engage viewers by explaining the reason why the book is an important help for them, explain why they should trust your expertise and which results your book can create for your readers. Video content in web pages or in emails increases click-through rates by NINETY-SIX (96) percent! Find links to tutorials and listings of video sharing sites.

Don’t Over-Estimate Social Media
Finally, resist the urge to go crazy with social media. Though it provides a good opportunity to reach readers, balance social media with public speaking e.g. at writers conferences, publishing lots of articles or being quoted in the media, or sending out regular newsletters. Sure, to get 5,000 followers or 25,000 email addresses, social media is invaluable. However, when you’re searching for a core group of committed partners for your book launch, a co-author for your next project, or in-depth feedback on your manuscript, your online followers are not your only best bet. Even “shy” or “introverted” authors are often naturals at networking, when placed in the right environment, such as writers conferences.

Leverage the Power of Free
Giving resources away allows skeptical readers to get enough content to talk about your book – and to make it easy for them to share content with their friends. Sample chapters, quizzes, special reports, and how-to articles are all good giveaway possibilities. If you haven’t yet landed on the radar of most people, you need an entirely different strategy. If this is your first work, give away as many books as you can – but let your readers “pay-with-a-tweet”. Ask your publisher for a lower price on promotional copies and get your words out there.

As an author of hopefully soon, several books, you are a brand. Start thinking and acting like one, and create a serious marketing strategy.


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30 Video Sharing Sites to Upload Your Book Trailer


Distribute your video for free to as many sites as possible. Which of these online video platforms is right for your book?  Watch many of the hosting company’s uploaded videos to get a feeling for their viewers and the type of videos that are popular on their site. Or try them all and after a month or two check out the statistics where the most traffic comes from.  Schedule a couple of hours to sign in on all these video sharing websites.  Automated submitters such as TubeMogul cannot do it for you. It’s just a one-time task and you are done for the coming years.  30 video sharing sites to find the right ones for you.

Excerpt from the brand new e-book: ***** 111 Tips to Create Your Book Trailer ***** featuring valuable tips and links to video tutorials, free music downloads and free images, available on Amazon:


ABCYouTube: — Makes YouTube video downloads and conversions fast and simple. Just add abc in front of any YouTube URL and the video will be instantly available for download in MP3, MP4, 3GP, and FLV formats.

Facebook Video: (you must be a member of Facebook to see this page) – Their video player offers better quality and privacy controls than many other video sharing sites. You can send video voicemail back and forth between friends. It supports most mobile providers so you can take a video on your phone and email it to and have it posted to your Facebook page.

Animoto: — Allows you to create slideshow videos using images and music you submit. If you want to create an engaging video with just images and music (or talk), this service gets it done fast (that is, the creation is very simple, the downloading and rendering take longer). They limit you to a 30-second video for free.

Offers a network of partner websites featuring celebrity entertainment, extreme sports, cartoons,  and more youth-related content.

Blip TV:
You can upload your video via website,cell phone or an FTP address, plus a desktop utility called UpperBlip. Post videos automatically to blogging platforms.  Your viewers can download multiple video formats to  (Flash, iPod, cell phone playback, etc).

BookCaster: — Features book trailers and other book-related videos. You can add your own videos.

Bukisa: — A place to share how-to videos and articles and earn money doing at the same time.

BuzzNet: — A video-sharing site that is part of the Video Egg ad network. Features music, celebrities, pop culture in photos, music, and videos.

Content Buzz: — Allows users to easily join and submit on-going new videos to 50+ video hosting sites, 25 social book marketing sites, 15 social news sites, 25 photo sharing/blogging platforms, 10 podcasting directories, 10 top RSS aggregators, 25 top ping services, and 7 blogging platforms.

Current TV: — Showcases independently produced videos on a TV channel. You can post your video on this site and, if it gets voted as a great video by enough people in the Current community, it will be showcased on the Current channel.

DailyMotion is a French video-sharing website on which users can upload, share and view videos.

Devour: – Allows you to find some of the best videos on YouTube. Essentially a tool for censoring most videos on YouTube, leaving you with what they think are the best videos.

Dump a Link: – Funny and viral videos.

5 Minute Life Videopedia: – Focused on 5-minute or less how-to videos in the following categories: arts, business, extreme, fashion, fitness, food, games, health, home, music, parenting, people, pets, spiritual, sports, tech, travel, wheels, life tips, and knowledge.

Flixwagon: – This website allows users to broadcast live video from your mobile phone. You can broadcast live to the web, keep videos for later, stream to your blog, and even Twitter live broadcasts. An MTV website.

Flixya: – Flixya pays you to share videos, photos, and blogs.

Flurl: – A video search engine that also allows you to upload videos.

GeoBeats: /filmmakers/register — Features travel and tourism videos which can be embedded quickly into your blog or website.

Graspr: — Instructional video network. Features over 20,000 instructional videos on topics such as home, garden, sports, recreation, food, drinks and more. Allows you to learn from others as well as share what you know via videos.

Hey! Spread: — The first professional, robust and scalable Video Distributing and Tracking Web Service. Submits to 17 video-sharing websites for ca. $1.00. Also allows you to track stats for as many websites as you want, trans-code videos, and watermark videos.

Howcast: — One of Time magazine’s 50 best websites, the site features how-to videos and wiki entries/guides with 100,000 professionally-made instructional videos.

Lonely Planet: — This video website from the Lonely Planet travel guide publishers offers travelers $500 for their best travel videos. They are very selective. They also have a channel on YouTube: (with 13,685 subscribers).

Miro: – Allows you to set up a subscription channel for your HD video podcasts.

Mogulus: – Allows users to broadcast live online with any USB or DV camera, mixing multiple cameras and clips in real time. 100,000+ viewers can watch and chat together. Offers free or pro (paid) channels. Users can stream live using a mobile phone camera.

MonkeySee: – Features how-to videos from experts. To become an expert to submit videos to this site, see

MotionBox: is a video sharing service like YouTube with a lot of other cool and impressive features. Motionbox doesn’t have a client uploader, users must upload the full video files to the service. Like YouTube, Motionbox trans-codes files to flash to reduce file size and standardize viewing, but they also store the original files.

PhotoBucket: — Has 40 million users who upload more than 7 million photos per day. Owned by MySpace, now also allows you to share video as well as photos.

Sclipo: – Motto: The social learning revolution. You can learn, socialize, and teach via videos, documents, photos, and audios uploaded here. You can set up your own academy here, offering courses. Remember: upload only educational videos. These are videos that teach such as tutorials, lectures, classes, advice, tips & tricks, lectures or alike.

TripFilms: – Features 8,000+ travel videos. You can get paid $50 for a trip video that their editors select to feature.

TubeMogul: – Allows you to upload to a selected group of video-sharing websites with one upload. They also allow you to track video impressions on these sites: Google Video, Metacafe, MySpace, Revver, Yahoo!, AOL Uncut Video, DailyMotion, YouTube, Crackle, Imeem, StupidVideos, Veoh, and many more. After uploading your video to TubeMogul and entering the Title, Description, Tags, and Category, you can choose at which sites you want to deploy your videos.

YouTube is a MUST! is the most important website for sharing videos and book trailers, created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005, on which users can upload, view and share videos. YouTube was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion, and now operates as a subsidiary of Google

Use Viddler instead of YouTube: You can add your own logo to Viddler. It’s Way More Than Video Hosting

This is a tiny excerpt from my upcoming book: 111 Tips to Create Your Book Trailer, available on Amazon



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