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Bestseller: The Road to Resiliency



Author Troy Payne about his book “The Road to Resiliency”:

“Adversity discriminates against no one. We all face challenges and obstacles throughout our lives. We all have a story to tell. How can we stop the cycles of abuse and addictions now, rather than ignoring them and finding ourselves dealing with them in the future?

How can we encourage, empower, and inspire people to make healthy choices, to embrace life-to love themselves and those around them? Our personal realities are only our perception of our experiences. Two people can share the exact same experience and yet have two completely different views on that experience. Abuse is often viewed in this manner.”

The Road to Resiliency presents a true story as told from Kyle’s perspective, sharing his memories of his experiences. In the aftermath of Kyle’s devastating personal journey, many figures in this story have denied the facts. Although convinced that a higher power was guiding him and telling him to forgive, Kyle found himself confused. Understanding that divergence between memories and truth provides the first step to stopping the cycle of abuse. The Road to Resiliency offers an opportunity to discover how to triumph over the damaging effects of adversity and abuse to make the past really past.

Author bio:
Inspirational Speaker, International Best Selling Author and Recording Artist – Troy Payne started his career as a youth and family counselor with the intention of helping people overcome adversity.

In 2004 he launched his company Wellness Realization and began speaking professionally. Troy has dedicated himself to Encouraging, Engaging and Empowering youth and adults to overcome adversity and find resiliency. Troy released his book ‘The Road to Resiliency’ in 2011 which quickly became an international best seller.

As a musician he has always believed in the healing power of music and became the creator of ‘The Rock’n Resiliency Project’. Utilizing the brilliant talent of high school musicians, the band ‘Aside from Sorrow’ was formed. Combining the power of live music and storytelling the project is truly a rock concert with a message. The band has recently finished the recording of their first album ‘Out of the Darkness, Into the Light’ which is the soundtrack to Troy’s book. Their music depicts the struggles we are all faced with but also inspires hope, change, and healing.

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