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Well-Paying Markets You Can Write For

Write for Newspapers and Magazines


Do you like to travel to foreign countries, or other states / provinces? Enjoy weekend trips to new places?  Where does your novel or non-fiction book takes place? In your home town or in a foreign city? I bet you did a lot of research to describe those places. Leverage this research work and all your travel experiences to write not only for travel or well-paying airline magazines, but also for newspapers or lifestyle magazines – print and online. Travel articles are not for travel magazines only! Why wait months or years until royalties for your books arrive, when you can easily write articles that pay faster – and a lot more per word count?

Travel Magazines Are Not the Only Possibility

Seniors magazines, parenting magazines, business magazines, frugal-living magazines, health magazines, writing magazines, newspapers – from free locals to national and international, and even pet magazines, they all print travel articles and city profiles. Here are a few examples of topics that fit into a variety of magazines / newspapers:

  • How to save money when ordering a rental car
  • Traveling with Fido to Canada – pet friendly hotels
  • How to spend your waiting hours between flights
  • The Gardens of Venice, Italy
  • Scenic road trips to …
  • Amazing weekend destinations in …
  • Dining and nightlife tips for …
  • Top Ten Things to Do on a Budget in …
  • Most interesting museums to go with kids in …
  • How to save money when taking a road trip
  • Gear and gadgets that cater to your kids travel joy
  • Tips for people with disabilities or medical conditions on air travel
  • Best wine sampling places / wineries in …
  • Marvellous National Parks of the North West
  • Historic places to visit in Southern Great Britain

What Works Best
The first most important step is to read many issues of the magazine or newspaper to find out if there was anything similar written before you query them. Travel articles containing more than the 2,000 words including high-resolution images works usually best.
If you don’t have the necessary skills or equipment to offer stunning photos, contact regional or state tourist sites and ask them for photos to accompany your article.  They are almost always free to use. It might take a couple of days or even weeks to receive their permission, so contact them early, and once your article is printed, send them a copy and a thank you note.  Another possibility is to check out free photo sites, such as or any other site as described in a former blog:  7 Free Photo Sources.

Examples of Magazines You Can Write for:
Check out former blog posts where we provided details about magazines, using the search function on and type in freelance writing or writing for magazines. Here are a couple more links:

Canadian Living
Family Fun
Every Day with Rachel Ray
The Ride Journal
Southern Living
Travel Smart
Boat Magazine
Midwest Living
Horse and Rider

Re-Purpose Your Writing Content
Just to give you an example how you can re-purpose research and content of your novel, that may take place in medieval Great Britain or a travelogue you wrote about a trip to Europe:  You could for example write an article about horse staples in the UK for equestrian magazines, bike riding paths in Denmark to a bike magazine, about one of the fantastic gardens in Great Britain to garden magazines, how to travel on a budget to European cities for a frugal living magazine, a feature about pumpkin seed pressing in Austria for gourmet magazines, an article about a historic flax or wool mill in France for a sewing or craft magazine, a photo feature that you took in a boutique hotel for a fine interior magazine, how to dress for city trips without looking like a tourist for fashion or lifestyle magazines …

Possibilities to write for magazines other than the traditional travel markets are virtually endless. Travel articles often cover one or more market boundaries. Leverage every opportunity to “cross-over” into other non-travel magazines with your travel articles.  And best of all: writing for magazines or newspapers will allow you to add a two-sentence bio, including a link to your author website or to your book sales page, which will be then seen by a completely new audience. A great way of book marketing and to expand your platform and portfolio!

BTW: While researching for this article we came over an interesting Travel Writing Contest:
Fall 2014 Travel Writing Contest, $1,000 Prize!

After the terrific success of our Spring Writing Contest, (fee $15.00 USD) we are doing it again! This time, award-winning literary travel magazine, Nowhere, is teaming up with Lorin Stein, editor of The Paris Review, for the first Nowhere Fall Travel Writing Contest. (Yes, we like the seasons.)

We are looking for young, old, novice and veteran voices to send us stories that possess a powerful sense of place. Stories can be fiction or nonfiction, but please indicate which genre at the top of your manuscript. Entries should be between 800-5,000 words and must not have been previously chosen as a winner in another contest. Previously published work is accepted, but again, please indicate this. Every submission will be read blind, so anyone can win… Brush off your manuscripts or write something new and send it to the only literary travel magazine going… We look forward to reading your work. Deadline Dec. 31, 2014.




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Writing Contests for Travel Bloggers, Poets and Fiction Authors



Travelling for Fun Contest
No entry fee! Would you like to share your travel experiences from a fantastic (or not so fantastic) trip or vacation you are currently on or took in the past? Do you live in a popular (or not so popular) travel destination and would like to share what makes your town or city special with other travelers? Contest Winners will be selected in 3 categories. At the end of the contest, Cruise Trust staff will determine the winners of the CruiseTrust Vacations’ Traveling for Fun, Adventure and Relaxation Blogs Contest.
First Place Winner in the category “Best Travel Blog” – $500.
First Place Winner in the category “My Favorite Trip or Vacation” – $250.
First Place Winner in the category “My Hometown / Destination Business is a Great Travel Destination Because…” will receive $250.
Deadline August 31, 2012. Contest is open to any individual age 18 or older as of March 2, 2012 who is a legal resident of the United States or over the age of majority and a legal resident of Canada.

2012 Anderno Self-published Book Award
Fiction or non-fiction. Win $500 cash, announcement on the Anderbo web site and publication of a book-excerpt on Initial judging will be based on the first 40 pages (ONLY) of the self-published book. Finalists in this contest will be required to supply the entire book at a later date.
Deadline October 15, 2012. $ 20 Entry Fee.


The 2012 Hazel Hilles Short Fiction Prize
1st Prize $500
2nd Prize $100
3rd Prize $100
The contest is open to anyone writing in English. Stories can be in any genre and address any theme.Length: No minimum. Maximum 5,000 words. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older, no geographical restrictions. All entries must be previously unpublished. Authors retain all copyright to their work. However, will have first publication rights to the winning stories, which will be published in Page 47 online anthology. Deadline: September 18, 2012. $6 Entry Fee


As always: Read the conditions for every contest carefully before you submit!



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