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How these 3 Self-Publishing Tools Help Authors



Improvements everywhere:  New tools and technology for author-publishers will help to navigate the process from manuscript to finished print book or e-book more easily. Just to make sure you know what’s available for writers now:

1. Scribd Subscription Service: The “Netflix” of e-Books
Read unlimited amounts of Books: Scribd launched an e-book subscription service for their readers at $8.99/month with unlimited access to books. Everyone enrolled in the subscription program gets e-books in bulk. Readers can try Scribd for free for one month, and are encourage to try unknown authors.
Distributing of your own e-books  is offered in Scribd’s Subscription Program: “Contact us if you would like to make your e-books available via our subscription offering. Our content acquisition team would love to talk to you.”


2. Bowker offers Self-Published Author resources
Bowker’s database of books in print is huge and their interface sometimes a bit clumbsy. After so many complaints from author-publishers, Bowker offers at least explanations for self-publishers e.g. how to fill out each field in their forms. But that’s not all: Bowker launched the Self-Published Author website, a great source of information with tools, advice, and resources to help authors through the publishing process.

3. Templates for Book Layout – Interior Book Design
The Book Designer” Joel Friedlander offers templates in Microsoft Word that look as good as books that are professionally designed in Adobe InDesign. A custom-designed interior book might cost between $1,000 and $4,000 , the print book template is less than $40. There are over a dozen Word templates and counting to choose from and more are coming. Add your manuscript and create a PDF to upload to CreateSpace, Lightning Source, or any printing company. Using the e-book template in this series for another $10 and upload it to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Sony, B&N and others. All you need to know is how to apply styles in Word and how to copy/paste text. You certainly can customize your template. All you need to know is basic Word styles. Or you can hire a freelancer to help creating PDFs, upgrading or modifying templates and other tasks at Elance or Fiverr.

Read about more tools in the publishing process, for example Dropbox:

For computer / software geeks and publishing professionals



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Are Book Reviews really THAT important?

Beech Roses


The dreaded R-word! Reviews… Book Reviews that is. They certainly matter

In a poll 70% of book purchasers admitted to buy books after checking the reviews. Surprisingly many did not pay too much attention to 5-star or 1-star reviews, rather more about the number of reviews and the average rating. 5- star could be a good friend and 1-star someone from the competition, right? So what I am doing is to check the “history” of the reviewer. How many books does he review. Just click on the reviewers name and go to their Amazon site to find out more.

One of these, almost professional reviewers is Melanie Carrico. I met her through Twitter. On her blog she writes: “I am open to reviewing most any book. So far I have agreed to review every book I’ve been asked to. I only ask that you realize I give HONEST reviews. I won’t sugar coat things for anyone. I will continue to support you and help promote you in any way I can.

If you’d like me to review your book, simply email me at macladie25 .[at] yahoo [dot] com. It isn’t necessary to send a blurb, in fact I prefer you don’t. I can be more objective that way. I have a Kindle for ebooks. If you need the review by a certain date, please include that in your email. I do the reviews in order and it may take some time but I complete them all.”

Melanie is not only reviewing your book, she even publicizes these reviews for you:

“I post reviews to Amazon, Good Reads, Twitter, Facebook, here, Pinterest, Amazon UK and Books a Million. The reviews are automatically sent to these places, you don’t have to pick and choose. The more we post the review the better it is for your book.”  What a sweat heart!

More about getting book reviews from Joel Friedlaender. And if you would like to get a list of almost 50 FREE book review links, write an email to 111publishing [ a t ]


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e-Book Cover Design Awards Submissions


Hi all,

have a look at TheBookDesigner blog, there is an e-Book Cover Design Contest going on right now.
And lots of great posts too.



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