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15 More Online Retailers to Sell Your Book


Authors: you can sell your books, e-books and audio-books not only through Amazon, but as well on Barnes&Noble, Apple and Kobo websites, to have your “eggs in more than one basket”.  And don’t forget the potentially huge potential market for hardcover books, selling them to libraries all over the country!

However, there are way more online retailers for e-books and books than just Apple, Kobo or Barnes & Noble. Oh, yes, and even Google sells e-books, but they pay authors and publishers a lousy royalty. I don’t know anyone, selling books through Google.
Just to mention a few more online book retailers:

And here are two more lists of online book stores with even more sales possibilities:

Put Your Eggs Not Only in One Basket
If you don’t want to upload your book yourself, get help from this aggregator for one yearly fee and reap 100% of your books revenue:  Aggregators will handle distribution, sales, accepting payments, and are managing your account with the online retailers.  Avoid aggregators who take a 10 or even 15% commission for every book sold.
Read also about the experience of an author, detailed with all his sales numbers, costs associated and comparison of revenue on several online retailer sites from Amazon, Apple and Kobo to sales on his own website:




If you would like to get more support in all things publishing, have your book intensively promoted and learn how to navigate social media sites – or to learn how you can make yourself a name as an author through content writing: We offer all this and more for only $179 for three months – or less than $2 per day! Learn more about this customized Online Seminar / Consulting for writers:
Or visit  to advertise your new book, specials, your KDP Select Free Days or the new Kindle Countdown Deals.

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Wrong Book Prices

Set your book price between $2.99 and $9.99 to receive the maximum royalty at Amazon. Having set a lower book price, under $2.99 you will only receive half of 70%, lousy 35%. Same unfavorable royalty conditions for Amazon books over $9.99.

Let’s say you set the price of your book at $9.99.  Submitting it directly to Amazon will give you almost $7 for each work sold, compared to: 60% of the List Price from major e-book retailers or 85% “Net” on a distributors website (which means the 70% you would theoretically receive from Amazon, minus the “aggregators / distributors cost” (which can be anything…) and then 85% from what’s left…maybe $4 in the best case, instead of $7 at Amazon.


When you go through a certain “publisher” / aggregator, who’s name starts with S, and who promises your work to be uploaded to Apple’s iPad, B&N, Sony, Kobo and gives you a “free” ISBN number and free e-book conversion, you will lose out way more than only on your royalties:

  •  they, as the owner of the ISBN, are regarded as the publisher, not you
  •  conversions are at the best mediocre (you get what you pay for, well, nothing)
  • uploading to booksellers and distributors takes weeks or even months
  • copy editing / proof reading is non-existent, just to name a few of the drawbacks.

If you only sell a hundred books, you would have offset easily conversion and ISBN costs and would be your own publisher and upload your work to all the bookstores and distributors you want. Uploading is easy; you are guided step by step on all these websites. And you are the one who sets the (same!) price at all book stores.


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The near Future of Books

Kindle Reader

Kindle e-Reader

Myriads of articles have already been written about the Kindle, Nook and iPad and how they have revolutionized the way people read. Many experts are forecasting that more than 90% of books will go straight to a digital state in the future. More interactive, dynamic literature shows up on e-Readers. Consumers flock to these devices for their ease of use, durability, portability and the fact that they clear up plenty of space on living room shelves.

Authors will grow even more media-savvy
The gap between readers and their favorite authors becomes more and more narrow. Through Facebook, Twitter, foren and blogs, writers can completely bypass the agents and managers and publishers and go straight to the readers themselves. Authors feel as if the trend will continue, they need a viable internet life. Failure to do so, they fear, compromises their chances of getting picked up for publication and capturing the interest of readers — and their money. The industry will probably experience an upswing of writers eagerly embracing social media and blogging in order to promote their work.

Memoirs expand as a genre
Autobiography and memoirs have always been around, but over the past few years have enjoyed more and more popularity — even blending with other genres such as business and travel guides, self-help and how-to books, comics and plenty more. Books will no longer have a minimum length, writers now have a platform to release the works they want people to read on their own terms.


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