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Hidden Gems: Google+ Hashtags




If you are a long-time reader of this blog you might have realized that I am a big fan of Google+ – or GooglePlus – however you want to write it.  And I am not the only fan of this Social Media site, more than a billion other people signed up and it won’t take long until Facebook is a thing of the past.  At least for professionals who realized how important their Google Search Engine ranking is.  Now let’s look at one of the most interesting features Google+ has to offer:


Do you know of any Social Media site that creates custom #hashtags for you? Well, Google+ does!
And they do even more: when starting to type a #hashtag, Google kicks in and offers in a drop-down menue with suggested hashtags starting with the letters you have typed so far. Isn’t that fantastic?
And the best is: these #hashtags offered by Google+ are significant to their search engine ranking.  If you add your own hashtags to a post, Google+ will display up to three of them in the upper right corner of your Google+ post.  Initially, one is visible, but hovering your mouse over that one will show readers the other two #hashtags.  Google+ users create in fact a #hashtag database and help establish what tags will be related. In a way it is up to Google+ users what’s relevant on Google’s search engine ranking.


Forgot to Place #Hashtags?
No problem: If your post has a large amount of text, Google+ will often find main keywords within your text and convert them into #hashtags, which are visible at the upper right of your post, just as your own #hashtags would be.

Google’s Search Algorithm
It determined in the past which pages should rank the highest, but now with implementing these #hashtags, Google added a “self-learning” aspect into its algorithm. How to find out what’s trending on Google+ go to “Explore Google”. See a short YouTube video Another YouTube video explains in details what #hashtags are about.
If you want to improve your ranking on Google’s Search Engines even more, use these #hashtags.  As a savvy writer you have already a Google+ account and you might have it connected with Twitter – which saves you a lot of time.  Let’s meet on GooglePlus:

Read more about using Google+:




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