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Part II of Free Image Sources

I am only on page 15 of about 3,000 pages of free photos and have downloaded dozens of beautiful images that I can use for websites, books and yes, also for this blog. This is the best of all websites I found so far:

An amazing hidden treasure on the internet, ten, no hundred thousands of free images (260610 to be precise) and you are allowed to copy, distribute, transmit and to adapt the work. No “accounts” necessary as on other websites, just go to “free photos”, choose an image and download it.

photographerSome of the photos are in such a high resolution that you can use them for your book cover image. A real treasure trove!


I did not have the time yet to browse these more common websites that have royalty free images at low prices and even some free ones too. Have a look:



As you browse, pull any images that catch your eye. Don’t assume you’ll be able to return to that page later. Chances are, you’ll never find it again. (They’re tricky that way.) Just save the ones you like and cull them later.




Hyper Smash


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