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Part III of Free Image Sources

Back to free images!
When you browse these sites, download any images that catch your eye. Don’t assume you will be able to find that page later. You might never find it again. Save the ones you like and sort them later.

Map Long Island NY

Map Long Island NY
Roughly 1,500 free images to choose from and to download.
Not really easy to navigate, but this is the direct link to their free photos, raw photos that is.
Easy to navigate due to categories and sub-categories, pages are framed by offers from Dreamstime, images are free for download. No registration is required and you can share your photos, too.
This site belongs now to Getty Images, and offers a large selection of free stock photos and some illustrations. The site has evolved into a massive community; there are over 2,500,000 registered users and around 400,000 photos online. Sign up to share images and give them credit as the image source as this is their term of use, a fair and civilized habit anyway.  

Let me know of any other free-image-websites you can recommend – for the benefit of all readers and bloggers here, thanks.


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