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Review Tip: Send a Query to Los Angeles Literary Reviews

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The Los Angeles Review is a nationally-distributed literary journal published by Red Hen Press in Pasadena.

We now offer a limited number of book reviews to authors who have self-published works of fiction, nonfiction or memoir of at least 60,000 words, or collections of poetry of 60 or more pages.

We recognize that advancements in digital technology have made self-publishing a viable alternative to traditional publishing.

However, few literary journals review books in this growing and potentially important field. Our goal is to publish at least one review of a self-published book per month throughout the year.

Please submit a query letter and the first five to ten pages of the manuscript. Please do not include any other materials at this time. There is a $3 fee to submit, the same fee charged to submit fiction, poetry or non-fiction.

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Free Advertising Overseas

Free-lancers and self-publishers have a few things in common, including limited budgets and thus a need to be creative. Maybe that’s why Jess, my friend, agreed to take along a copy of “Bella” and send back a fantastic photo, showing the book against the backdrop of the Argentinean Andes.

The other part of my “overseas advertising” plan is to have her leave the book in some well-trafficked area, say a hotel lobby or busy cafe.  Whoever picks it up will see a note from the author inside the front cover that says:

“Dear Friend, By chance, you have happened on my “message in a bottle”. It has made its way into your hands all the way from my home in Rockville, MD, a quiet town outside of Washington, D.C.
My message is simple. I have written a story called Bella, about a widow’s quest to learn the truth about her husband’s mysterious death, and her affair with a reporter she lures into the investigation. There is a short, engaging video that tells more. Please watch it at: Though we are an ocean apart, you can send me a message too.  Use: steve a t  I very much appreciate your interest and feedback. If you like Bella, please tell your friends and help us spread the word.”

This idea has produced interesting photos from Greece, Italy, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Peru, and now, a mysterious little city in Argentina.  I hope to hear soon from someone in Ushuaia.

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