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Author Interview: Traci Lawrence



Today’s Interview is with Author Traci Lawrence about writing her successful self-help book Accept No Trash Talk.

Traci, how would you describe your book to someone who has not yet read it?
My book is about perseverance in the midst of trials, whether those trials deal with communication, or medical challenges. I want to help people to realize that everybody has the ability and the right to overcome great odds. My book is the voice of significantly undervalued people, but it is also the voice of anyone who has been subject to any amount of disrespect.

How did you get the idea for the book?
The basis for the book was the disrespect that I received and witnessed in my earlier years. I wanted to show how I have pushed beyond bullying, and how numerous famous people have also done the same. I quote empowering examples of famous people in history and current events.
In addition, I got ideas from talking with people I know that feel overwhelmed by all that’s expected of them in their personal lives and careers.  Some people have more money, better health, or better social skills than the majority of people in their social circles. Yet, the less-fortunate majority should not be held accountable for circumstances that are beyond their control.

There are many excellent self-help books on the market. Why should a person choose to read your book?
My book is unique because I am unique. I am a distinctive person in several ways: I come from a background of medical, mental, and social challenges, and; I only have a bachelor’s degree.  My book has several distinguishing characteristics: it’s shorter than most self-help books; it is formatted in an easy-to-follow outline, and; the language that I use is simple, everyday English. My writing should be relevant and clear to everyone because I have the common touch.

How do you want your book to change the way that people think?
I want my book to be a platform for the promotion of the idea that everyone is “okay”. We’re all “broken”; nobody’s perfect, and that’s acceptable. Most of us are trying the best that we can with limited resources. Some groups want us to think that they are perfect. They think that they have a right to judge and devalue other people. Therefore, I want my book to raise awareness of how disrespectfully some individuals treat each other. Also, I want readers to realize that everybody deserves a chance to get ahead in life.

Does your book have any underlying theme, message, or moral?
The underlying message of my book is that everyone has a right to live within their own truth and capabilities. Certain people shouldn’t be allowed to dictate what other people are capable of, or how they should act. Some of us have limited capabilities due to mental and medical concerns. The strongest of us are willing to push ourselves to expand our capabilities. I name such people, including historical figures and current celebrities, in my book.

What would / could a reader or reviewer say about this book that shows they get you as an author?
One reviewer quoted a line from my book: “Everyone has a right to live within their own capabilities.”
My book is about people understanding and accepting their own capabilities. It’s also about everyone accepting the fact that not everyone operates within the same framework of values and strengths. For example, I have more medical challenges than many people, so I cannot be expected to accomplish as much as a person who has no medical concerns.

Thinking way back to the beginning, what ís the most important thing you’ve learned as a writer from then to now?
I have learned that beta readers are invaluable. I asked a few beta readers to look at portions of my book. They gave me validation and encouragement. They also gave me tough love when they pointed out areas where I could write with more clarity, conciseness, and optimism. Most of all, they demonstrated how to organize my highly jumbled thoughts.

How did you get published? Please share your own personal journey.
I am self-published on Amazon. I went to the Amazon website and follow the links for self-publishing.

What general advice do you have for other writers?
I would say that a good rule of thumb is to write about that which you’re passionate. Passion always comes through; so does apathy.

What is the best part of being a writer?
I like the fact that my edited thoughts are published for anyone to read.  My writing illuminates my thought processes more than my speech does.  I think that there are other people out there who think like me, so the purpose of my book is to give them a voice, too. I strongly believe that reserved people who have been undervalued need to be given a voice amidst the many loud voices in the world.




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