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How to Create your Book Trailer?

Book trailers are becoming more and more popular and with a good reason:  video content almost always doubles the amount of visitors and their click-through rates!  How to plan, design and most important, how to market your book video is explained in detail and with more than 111 tips, tutorials, links to free music and free images a valuable tool for everyone. 

How to design it?
The best book trailers start with the cover shot and end with a reminder of where you can buy it. Once you have sorted out your video, images and music and cut it down to less than two minutes, you can set up a free You Tube account and upload it.

Your sound / written message
The one paragraph to explain your book (or your elevator pitch) you have already written for your book is a great place to start.  Create the best key words and title to make it easy to find.

Copyright free music for your video
There are quite a few artists that offer their music under the Creative Commons License, but it is sometimes hard to find them through all the sites that ask a lot of money to use one song.

Royalty Free Music
Royalty-free means you do not have to pay an ongoing fee while you use their compositions. Although a small fee to upload it may be charged. Always credit the composer in your book trailer. .

Royalty Free Photos

More on copyright and a comparison table at:

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