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Re-Blogging vs Copyright Infringement



Re-blogging or Copyright Infringement

. has had more than 275,000 readers as of last week and I am very grateful for over 1,100 subscribers and comments. The blog articles, tips and links I work on, often for hours or even days, such as this old one, but still THE most popular, got even copied and pasted into other peoples blogs – even so there is a RE-BLOGGING function on all WordPress sites.  It is easy to use: just click on it, write your own comment and have your subscribers get curated content – you save time and you don’t run into possible copyright problems.

Re-blogging is considered legitimate sharing when the original source is obvious and available, linking to the original source, comparable to sharing on Facebook, where it includes the link and where only a small portion is shown. Readers can then follow the link to read the full article on the original post. WordPress’ re-blogging also includes an excerpt of the blog post, a link to the original blog post, and it encourages you to add your own comments or an introduction before the re-blogged post.

Motto for re-blogging: “Why steal, when you can get it for free?”

WordPress writes: “You can like and re-blog posts directly from your reader, which displays a stream of all the updates published on all the blogs you follow from your account.
The RE-BLOG button is located in the toolbar that appears at the top of the screen when you’re logged into Note that you’ll only see the like and re-blog options while you’re looking at individual posts.”

Alice Elliott explains in her excellent blog post step for step how it works and shows all the details via computer screen shots. Have a look!

Marcy Kennedy wrote in her article about re-blogging etiquette: “If you’re being re-blogged, it’s an honor that someone found your content worthy of sharing with their followers, and it can extend your reach and bring people back to your site without the effort of guest posting. If you’re the re-blogger, it can sometimes be a lifesaver in terms of getting content up on your site when your week has fallen to pieces. Plus, you’re providing your readers a service through vetting material for them and bringing them the best.”

If done incorrectly, though, re-blogging flirts with the line of plagiarism.  Read more about copyright in other blog posts.

Copyright is a federal law of the United States (and most countries in the world) which protects original works of authorship. A work of authorship includes literary, written, dramatic, artistic, musical and certain other types of works.

What happens if you violate someone’s copyright?
Most artists and photographers are too nice to sue, and will simply request that you remove the copied work. However, a copyright owner can sue for damages, as one website discovered. That website paid $4000 in damages for a $10 stock photo they had used without permission, even though they removed the photo promptly after receiving a take-down notice.
Read more what you can do if copyright infringement happens to your work in this fantastic post:

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