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Do You Plan an Email Book Launch Campaign?



Email marketing is an easy, cheap way to get your message out. 
Profit from the sign-up box on your website or blog, where people can join your email list to be notified of new products, announcements or anything you want to tell them about your book. 

Start early to compile an email list, not when your book is already finished.  Never use purchased email lists, it is very likely that the emails will be going not to a selective list of individuals who are willing to receive commercial messages, but mainly to people who have absolutely no interest in your book, and even less in being spammed – in other words, not a very good use of your marketing dollar.


Always use only addresses from your own email list and only from those who gave you explicit permission to receive your newsletter.  Yes, newsletter, don’t send out plane book-buying pitches, give your potential customers always value in every email campaign, such as a well-crafted article, full of tips if you write non-fiction, or a sample chapter of your fiction book, links to other useful websites or a voucher for their next purchase.

Make sure all the email addresses and names are valid and working. Use a different text for press releases to announce your new book and to pitch an interview.  When sending out a press release to your media list, include a direct link or button to the page of your website were the press kit (or media kit) is available.  This way they don’t have to request one, or wait for one in the mail, they can visit your website and check out your press kit immediately. Or attach the press kit directly to your email.

Joel Friedlaender wrote a great blog what an online press kit should include:

Tips for a successful campaign:

  • Check out other email campaigns for ideas.
  • Who is your audience? Book buyers, past customers, networking partners?  Ask yourself: how will my audience benefit from buying my book and what information does my audience value?
  • Introduce your book and include a professional image of you and your book(s).
  • Very important: What is your call to action?
  • Include a direct link to the page of your website or blog and to online retailers were the book can be bought.
  • Remember when writing your text that less is more.
  • Make sure the most important information is in the top third of your campaign.
  • Double check your campaign text, spell check etc. and if possible let it edit.
  • Preview your campaign in “text only” and HTML format.
  • Email yourself a sample of the campaign before sending out to check spelling once more, how it looks and if your images are distorted etc.

Once your email list has more than 50 entries, use the services of one of these or other mass email providers, some offer 30 or even 60-day free trials:

Email marketing software that makes it easy to create professional HTML email campaigns with no tech skills. Sign up for a 60-Day FREE trial with Constant Contact.





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