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100’s of Links to Publishers and Agents



Other than in Canada or the UK, where writers contact publishers directly, American writers (mostly) need an agent – if they do not prefer to self-publish.

Most of the “Big Six” American publishers don’t accept submissions from authors, which means searching for a publisher means finding an agent first. Here are some links to agent lists. However, always check the reputation of these agents first before you contact them. And read very carefully their submission rules and check if they really work in your genre.
Beware also of POD’s Publishing-On-Demand.  Rather wait and polish your manuscript ones more than to pay inflated prices for publishing, something you can do yourself.

Literary Agents

  1. Agent Query Comfortably to search with dozens of genres to choose from. Hundreds of links available.
  2. Publishers Global 239 Literary Agency Services Companies in several countries. Think foreign right sales!
  3. Over a thousand links, sort in genres.
  4. Hundreds of listings, sorted by alphabet, not genre. Agents to avoid are flagged. Why do they list them in the first place?
  5. AAR Online Official membership organization for literary agents. However, not all agents are members of AAR. You can search by alphabet or type in the genre.
  6.  74 agents currently listed who are working with fiction and poetry.


  1. Global Publishers One can sort by country, language, media, genre… among thousands of publishers worldwide.
  2. Search for fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Their lists include several thousand publishers and lots of literary publications for book reviews!
  3. QueryTracker Currently 167 publishers listed.
  4. Preditors & Editors. Alphabetically lists hundreds of publishers, often small press; Some of these (bigger ones) are infamous…
  5. Lists websites with embedded links to publishers’ sites.
  6. Poets & Writers Hundreds of listings for smaller poetry (mostly) publishers.

Be aware that information for agents and publishers is constantly changing. Editors move on, imprints often open and close to submissions, and even their genres of choice will change regularly.  Check their websites and submission guide lines before sending out any query letters. And now: GOOD LUCK!


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Find Out Why Short Stories are Coming Back

… and where you can sell them

Readers have shorter attention spans these days and consume the written word in radically different ways:  With smart phones, tablets and net books, people may be once more gravitating towards shorter pieces.

With all the distractions from other, flashier forms of entertainment it can be a struggle to set aside an hour or two and a find a quiet spot to read a book.  Short stories can be read in 20 minutes- while enjoying lunch break, riding the bus or standing in a queue.

Train Station

Markets for Short Stories
Authors who are aiming to make a living from their short stories or supplement their income  have to find markets at magazines, on * or offer their books to Amazon for inclusion into “Kindle Shorts”.  Stories between 2,000 and 5,000 words are most market-able, however there is demand for all lengths.

* Duetrope is an award-winning, free writers’ resource listing over 4150 current Fiction and Poetry publications, updated almost daily.  Author Services offered by Duetrope:

  • Market Search
    Matchmaker! Search for the perfect publisher for your fiction and poetry, based on a number of criteria.
  • List of All Writer Markets/Search By Title
    Who’s who? Browse the list of all markets we have listed, or search for a specific publication by its name.
  • Editor Interviews
    What do they think? Want more insight into the editors’ preferences? Read our interviews.
  • Theme & Deadline Calendar
    When is it due? A calendar of upcoming fee-free contest deadlines. Also fodder for brainstorming ideas.
  • Response Statistics
    The good, the bad, the ugly, and more. Who’s fastest to respond? Who’s slowest? Who has a high acceptance ratio? Who doesn’t?

Duetrope has been honored as one of Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers for the last six years.  And Preditors & Editors selected them for their “Truly Useful Site Award” in February 2010.



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