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Caldera Writers and Artists in Residence, Oregon


Another Writers and Artists Residency to apply early next year. Mark your Calendar!

Every year we invite artists from all over the world to our Caldera Arts Center near Sisters, Oregon, for monthlong residences.  Artists are provided free, private A-frame cabins and share access to wet and dry studios, a darkroom, a kiln, editing facilities and rehearsal and performance space.  Because we believe a range of backgrounds enhances the communal experience, residencies are open to artists from any field, including WRITERS, as well as scientists and environmentalists.

Caldera’s Artists in Residence program offers the gift of time and space.  Residents are given a free cabin, 24-hour access to studios and the time and space to create.  No money changes hands.  Residents are responsible for food, travel, materials and other expenses.  By design, the residents form a small community of 5–12 artists, depending on the group.

A weekly meal is shared and collaboration is encouraged.Artists aren’t required to finish a project during their residency, but are encouraged to share their work with the nearby community.  Many artists give presentations in the neighboring town of Sisters, or area schools, or migrate toward Caldera’s youth program and help with kids’ art projects.

Residencies last one month, and take place in January, February and March. 2014 applications will open in early January 2013.

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