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Powerful Non-Fiction Book Titles Attract Audiences

Implementing this fact is not very easy. Here are a few tactics to write book titles that are compelling, as well as interesting.

Question in the Title
A question in your article title is sure to get noticed. Questions draw attention and will make readers want to go through your article to find the answers. “Is your diet making you lose weight”, “Are you a caring parent?” are all good examples. 
Such questions work because they create doubts in the mind of the reader. They feel they do not know enough on the subject and read your book to find more information.

“How –to” Titles
The ‘how to’ titles have also become very popular. They are helpful as they give precise instructions about how to execute a particular task. The “how to” book with its detailed instructions takes care of this doubt.

Numbers in your Titles

You can try using a number in your book title. It tells potential readers that your book is meaningful and contains useful information. It also makes the information provided in your article appear reliable and practical. To go a step further, write the number in your title in its digit format instead of spelling out the word. This helps readers to scan your book title more quickly and  increases the overall visibility of your title.

But not only book titles for non-fiction, also article titles and blog titles will benefit from these tips.


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