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Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn – What People Do on Social Media


To promote your books through social networking, take advantage of these statistics from Nielsen, the worlds most biggest internet statistics firm, and find out what your followers and friends on Social Media appreciate most in your posts. Translated to books and publishing, this would be:

  • Learn from other authors’ experiences
  • Learn more about publishing and marketing books
  • Share money incentives (free or reduced books)
  • Find out about interesting articles/blogs/news
  • Get encouragement
Communicate with your readers!
Social media is a fantastic way to foster communication between you and your readers, but you first have to be able to find them and understand how they use it.  Search for “readers” or “reviewers” on social media sites when looking for new followers and friends. They are the most important networking partners, and the one’s who will promote your book.

.What are consumers doing on social media?

by Tiffani_Allen.
Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


Most popular networking sites
What are the biggest and most popular network sites – including blogs? Yes, blogs are very important for social networking!  Read the full Social Network Report on Nielsen’s website. 

Content Marketing is a smart way to connect with readers. Blogging is actually giving them a sample of your writing style and skills.  And who doesn’t like sampling? See more statistics about blogging / content marketing on

Where do you stand compared to your competitors – millions of other writers – in the online world?




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