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MUST READ for Parents and Teachers



Fiza Pathan’s latest book  Classics: Why we should encourage children to read them.

Reading is an adventure that begins early in a child’s life and should extend beyond the classroom. By encouraging children to read at home, parents too, can help their children establish a lifelong love of books, transforming reading from a basic skill to a pleasurable activity.

The book explains why children (and parents) should especially read classic books:

  • it lists favorite works by brilliant writers
  • how their work can influence reality
  • how reading these books improves language skills and vocabulary
  • how these classic works help to develop imagination
  • how they can further general knowledge and even morals
  • it shows skills one can develop by reading classic literature
  • how good fiction can make reality a lot more tolerable

Fiza is a History and English teacher, and this is her third book that she wrote – beside many poems she has published and for which she has quite a following on her blog Insaneowl.  Her goal is to channel everyone’s attention on the advantages of reading classic literature, the understanding of classics, and how it can influence a readers life positively.
Fiza Pathan: “All the students and teachers mentioned in my handbook are real people whom I have known personally. The students mentioned in my book are the ones whom I tutor and I enjoy every bit of time spent with such wonderful pupils.”

“All the incidents that I have mentioned in my book are all true and based on the experiences shared by my students and by me. From their development to their love of reading, all the examples cited are true occurrences that have taken place over the past four years of my teaching experience.”

“If my reviewer/reader states that my handbook has aided them to know the importance of reading classics and has encouraged them to implement my suggestions of reading classics in their children’s lives to enhance their overall potential, I think that’s when I as a writer and teacher will feel that they have understood me. Saying so in words will not mean as much to me as their acting on my advice.”

Classics: Why we should encourage children to read them
Available in USA (print $6.29) (e-book $2.99)
Available as e-book:


More retailers, such as Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Goodreads, Apple, Diesel, Sony etc. will follow in the next days.




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