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Are Enhanced Books Now Finally Taking Off?

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The Wall Street Journal writes: “After being slow to adapt to digital technology, publishers don’t want to come late to what could be the most significant transformation of books and reading behavior since Gutenberg.

Random House is publishing a digital version of Katherine Boo’s hotly anticipated nonfiction book “Behind the Beautiful Forevers,” about residents of a Bombay slum, that includes video of the central characters that was shot over three years.

The first Harry Potter e-books are set to arrive this year on Pottermore, a Web site where fans can learn spells, read additional material by J.K Rowling and visit a virtual Hogwarts.

Jackie Speaks
An enhanced e-book includes more than eight hours of recordings of the first lady’s candid conversations with Arthur Schlesinger Jr., plus photos and archival videos.

Elvis Lives!
‘Careless Love,’ Peter Guralnick’s biography of The King, will be rereleased this summer with extras like videos, music clips and interviews.

In a move that could shape the market for enhanced e-books in dramatic ways, Apple announced Thursday that it will partner with publishers and educators to create interactive digital textbooks. As a sample title, Apple released a free version of “Life on Earth,” a multi-media biology book by E.O. Wilson, which includes interactive features such as animation of DNA, videos of ants and invasive trees, and quizzes.”

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Kickstart Your Project

Fighter Plane

Raise Seeding Funds

I just stumpled over this website – and got hooked by a marvelous garden project, Aurora Borealis Public Garden, in Providence, RI. 

To donate funds, starting at $1, people can use either their credit card or their standing Amazon account.

Kickstarter is a funding platform focused on a broad spectrum of creative projects. – albums, films, specific works – that have clearly defined goals and expectations.

Only projects with a creative purpose.
Kickstarter can be used to fund projects from the creative fields of Art, Comics, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Food, Games, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology, and Theater. We currently only support projects from these categories.

Defining Your Project
Whether it’s a book, a film, or a piece of hardware, the one trait that every Kickstarter campaign shares is that it is a project. Defining what your Kickstarter project is is the first step for every creator.

What are you raising funds to do? Having a focused and well-defined project with a clear beginning and end is vital. For example: recording a new album is a finite project — the project finishes when the band releases the album — but launching a music career is not. Kickstarter is open only to finite projects. With a precisely defined goal, expectations are transparent for both the creator and potential backers. Backers can judge how realistic the project’s goals are.

Got any ideas???



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