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1st Book in New Childrens Series: The Sockkids Meet Lincoln


New, … and The Sockkids received already 31!!! 5-Star reviews!
“I was intrigued with how a bit of important history was weaved in such a creative and unique fashion. I thought it was one of the most beautifully written, entertaining, and substantial children’s books I have had the pleasure of reading. This book shows history in a way that will plant the seed for learning and encourage kids to expand their minds with creativity.”


The SockKids – Solving The Mystery Of Your Missing Socks!
Where do our missing socks go?
Readers find out in our children’s series, “The Sockkids”. We follow the Socker family through many adventures; from encountering the slobbery mouth of the family dog to meeting Santa as he comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve to helping a fireman save a baby to the most shy Socker going to the school dance for the first time.  Thanks to the time-travel opportunities afforded by the spin cycle of the washer, they learn about some of the most important humans in the world.

Great Gift and Delightful Read for the Whole Family
What a lovely and encouraging present – at the same time teaching children about US history through this first book in a series.  Everyone loves the delightful illustrations by Sugar Snail Illustrations.
Children two and up and their parents will be drawn to the diversity of the family and the universal and timeless lessons they teach: don’t be afraid of new experiences; treat others as you would like to be treated, and of course, beware of the spin cycle!
The SockKids Meet Lincoln
Kindle edition by Michael John Sullivan, Susan Petrone, Sugar Snail. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Sockkids Meet Lincoln.


Author Michael John Sullivan

Michael John Sullivan is the creator of the SockKids. Constantly searching for his socks, he wondered whether the missing foot comforters had found another pair of feet to warm.

About the Authors
Before his interest in socks, Sullivan started writing his first novel while being homeless, riding a NYC subway train at night. After being rescued off the train, he spent much of the past tow decades raising two daughters while writing at home.
Sullivan returned to his subway notes in 2007, and began his first novel Necessary Heartbreak (Simon&Schuster, Gallery Books imprint). “Library Journal” named Necessary Heartbreak one of the years best book for 2010. His second novel, Everybody’s Daughter (Fiction Studio Books, 2012) was named one of the best books of 2012 by “”.  In his novella An Angel Comes Home, Michael Sullivan takes the reader on a time travel journey filled with danger, mystery and intrigue. At the same time this book engages the reader in a soul soothing story.

Sullivan has written articles about the plight of homelessness for, The Washington Post, the Huffington Post,, and AmericaOnline’ service.


Author Susan Petrone

When fiction writer Susan Petrone is not creating an arts or culture article for Cool Cleveland, she writes novels. Her first, A Body at Rest, was published in early 2009 by Drinian Press. An excerpt from the novel and some of her published short fiction are available at
The SockKids Meet Lincoln eBook: Michael John Sullivan, Susan Petrone, Sugar Snail Illustrations.




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