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Like to Show Your Books for FREE – Welcome Bibliophiles

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Biblio Connection  is a social community for all book lovers. Their goal is to connect and encourage interaction between readers, authors, booksellers, publishers, illustrators and book collectors. Here are just some of the possibilities, offered by the amazing Biblio Connection:

  • Meet – fellow writers, collectors, sellers, authors and readers
  • Connect – find others with a passion for books
  • Find – browse the Classified Ads and enhance your book collection
  • Promote – your book and brand through giveaways and article features
  • Organize – schedule a book collectors/club meeting, a book fair, invite friends
  • Sell – your used/collectable books in the Classified Ads
  • Start – a group and discuss your favorite books or collecting experiences
  • Win – free books through our sponsored book giveaways

Last but not least:
Service Provider Directory – Do you provide editing, book reviews, blog writing, cover designs, illustrations or maybe publishing services? Members, list your services for FREE in BiblioConnection’s new Service Provider Directory.

From their website:
“Authors can introduce their latest works, post listings and participate in giveaways. Collectors can post listings in the classifieds, locate, trade and find information about books. Independent booksellers can network with readers and collectors. Those offering publishing, illustration or book cover design can find ways to connect with indie authors. Maybe you offer specific restoration, binding or location services that may be useful to collectors. Become a member and meet others just like you with a passion for books.”

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