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Watching TV Every Day? Success Indicator?

Mary Ellen Tribby
 created this Success Indicator, Info-Graphic by MetEdge Do you want to know whether or not you are headed for success? See which side is the better one… As it might be hard to read, here the traits on the left side: The Success Factor Indicator

Successful People

  • Have a sense of gratitude 
  • Forgive others 
  • Accept responsibility for their failures 
  • Compliment 
  • Read everyday 
  • Keep a journal 
  • Talk about ideas 
  • Want others to succeed 
  • Share information and data 
  • Keep a “to-be” list 
  • Exude joy 
  • Keep a “to-do/project” list 
  • Set goals and develop life plans 
  • Embrace change 
  • Give others credit for their victories 
  • Operate from a trans-formational perspective



A larger version can be found on or at Stephen’s Lighthouse

Note the one indicator for successful people:  READ EVERYDAY !  Like that!






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