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Perils of e-Book Publishing

Our annual Christmas letter to family and old friends had big news wrapped inside the good wishes. “Ho, ho, ho, Margaret is entering the revolutionary post-Gutenberg world by publishing an e-book!”

Margaret Kell Virany

Margaret Kell Virany

They all knew my parents’ romantic story and had lavished praise on the print version. I couched this as a genuine seasonal message but must confess visions of five stars beside my title in the sales catalog were dancing on a hidden agenda inside my head!

My connections are not pushovers; they are mostly hardy, elderly folks, not intimidated by Amazons and they expect to get into heaven without a password. Still, I needed to line up reviewers even before my book was published so I made a polite suggestion and gave simple instructions on ‘how to submit a review to Amazon’ in a straightforward way.

Two months later my book is in the hands of 4,593 readers who likely made their final decision after they saw the 4+ star ratings. The Internet-savvy on my list (a niece, a second cousin-in-law once removed, a new friend and the 85-year old Wilderness Wanderer) immediately submitted five-star reviews.  Several octogenarian college friends, one of them almost blind, struggled or got help but managed to do me this favor.

  • R. called himself Accountant’s Vision, in case he made typos.
  • J-M invites her unemployed engineer son-in-law for breakfast every morning and is still hoping this will lead to a review-writing moment.
  • B. said she was glad she had friends who were keeping up with the Internet and thanked me for nudging her into the e-book era.
  • J. is so proud of her new skill she’s eager to do it again.

A Christmas letter requesting reviews may be a little out of order, but my friends who used it as a chance to update their brains found some joy.

Guest post by author Margaret Kell Virany
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Free Kindle e-Book Valentines Day

Author Margaret Kell Virany finds a romantic love story from the roaring Twenties buried in letters, journals, diaries and photos left to her by her parents. This love-story e-book with 12 authentic photos pins readers’ eyes to a spark of attraction ignited in World War I that develops into an eternal flame in the snowy expanses and frozen lakes of up North with Manitoba’s Cree people.

Kathleen's Cariole Ride

Kathleen's Cariole Ride

Get this fascinating e-book today, Valentines Day, for free – as a gift for a loved one or for your own enjoyment.

As a travel story it reveals the excitement of serving in action with the Canadian Navy in WWI, flying from London to Paris in 1917, crossing the Atlantic on steamships, canoeing up the fur trade route, and going on a winter trek in a cariole. This is the ancient, original toboggan aboriginals invented in the high Arctic to be pulled by dog teams. It was large and comfortable, to be used on special occasions or for special people. The French Canadians in the 19th century renamed it a cariole and sometimes pulled it by horses.

Another facet of the story is the account of life on a Swampy Cree reservation and the positive role of missionaries in that era.

The author’s parents were an unlikely pair. Kathleen Ward was a city councillor’s daughter from Portsmouth, England (pop. 190,000) and John Ambrose Campbell Kell  (Jack) was a farmer from Cookstown, Ontario, Canada (pop. 550 not counting the pigs, horses and cows). They met in 1917 when her father, a Sunday School teacher, invited some colonial servicemen home for tea.

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Free Book: Love Story of a War Bride in Canada’s North

Perfect Valentine’s Gift – doesn’t make fat, doesn’t wither, doesn’t cost anything…

Kathleen’s Cariole Ride 

Kathleen, a courageous British women who made immense personal sacrifices, left everything behind – family, friends and way of life – to follow her husband in 1927, as (probably) the last war bride from WWI right into the Northern Canadian Wildernis to help evangelize the First Nation Indians.

War brides, moved thousands of miles away – usually to Canadian cities, villages and farms – joining their husband, a man they barely knew. Kathleen’s future husband, a minister, worked and lived on the extremely remote reservation of  Oxford House, Manitoba, in Canada’s northern wilderness, close to Hudson Bay.

After Margaret Kell Virany’s parents died, she found diaries, photographs and love letters that let us peek into a fascinating social history, describing challenges and details of pioneer life on this Northern reserve and struggle in a minister’s family.

Many touching stories and exciting details include canoe trips along the old fur trade route, generous native neighbors, a dangerous journey to the hospital in mid-winter on a horse drawn toboggan to deliver her baby, life-threatening forest fires and pre-television social life.

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