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“Why e-Books Will Be Much Bigger Than You Can Imagine”

Photo Trey Ratcliff

Just found this sometimes hilarious story on an internet blog by Trey Ratcliff:

“I am sitting there in a nice restaurant in San Francisco with all these executives of a major publishing house. It’s one of these power dinners of lore. We are to discuss the upcoming launch of my book, and I’ll never forget what happened. They asked me, “OK, Trey, what are you going to do to market this book?”  You could have knocked me over with a feather. My young publishing life flashed in front of my eyes…

I ended up putting together a robust launch campaign. Luckily I already had hundreds of thousands of people who came to the blog every month, a healthy Twitter following (this is before Google+) and a great network of people to help.

I did everything, including:

  • Put together a limited-edition print along with a signed copy of the book for early orders. This required me to warehouse the book with a third party, pay for massive shipping, and have a ping-pong table covered in books for two weeks while I signed all of them along with the prints, etc.
  • Organize a book tour (at my own expense) to hit several big cities like New York and Chicago.
  • Blog and tweet about it on countless occasions.
  • Sneak into hundreds of Barnes & Nobles, secretly sign my books, then tweet out the location so a little flash mob would appear to get the special signed version. (BTW, this got me thrown out of at least three bookstores by short-sighted managers.)

The book came out and did amazing. It sold out on Amazon in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. It takes a lot to sell out a book on Amazon! The book was reprinted and moved into the black within the first quarter.”

Read more: “Why e-books will be much bigger than you can imagine” (well, IF you do the marketing…)  by Trey Ratcliff, his own website is

Not only a writer, teacher, landscape photographer, film maker and photo teacher, here a glimpse into his HDR photo teaching.  Even the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC shows his work!


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