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Lend Your Kindle Books to Friends for 14 Days

Amazon e-Book Lending

Amazon launched a while ago book lending for Kindle e-books. On participating titles, you can lend books to anyone for 2 weeks.

Here’s how it works:
To determine whether a title is lendable before buying, just check the product details section on the Amazon book listing. To check on books you’ve already bought, just point your browser to the Manage Your Kindle page, scroll down to the Your Orders section, and click the plus sign next to your books.

Lend-able books will display a “Loan this Book” button. Click the “Loan this Book” option and enter the email address. You’re done!

Keep in mind that as long as the person has a Kindle, ore use a Windows or Mac computer, or has an iOS/Android/BlackBerry/Windows Phone 7 device, they can access your lended book.

It would be great if publishers include “lendability” either as a standard or as an option, but many publishers are against it, apparently.  It’s also important to note that even books that are loanable can only be loaned once.



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Want To Check Your Books Sales Rank Around The World?


Aaron Shepard

Aaron Shepard

 it be nice to know how your books are doing around the world?  

To start your sales rank checking for Kindle Books in 9 countries go to Aaron  Shepard’s website: in order to get all the details for FREE!

Do a quick sales rank checking of multiple print books on Amazon in nine countries, including Spain, Italy, Japan and China:


  • Find more detailed stats on Customer Reviews, with a breakdown by number of stars.
  • See charts of the last week’s sales ranks, with visible peaks that let you make quick sales estimates and spot trends.  To see these charts, turn on “Tracking” for each title on Amazon’s Sales Rank Express.

To start, the Sales Rank Express search form is set to search, Amazon’s U.S. site—but you can also switch to any other of Amazon’s national sites by clicking one of the radio buttons or country names at the top of the form.

Next, fill in one or more of the text boxes. (You can quickly move from one to the next with your Tab key.)

  • Author. The name or any part of it.
  • Publisher. The publisher name or any part of it.
  • Title. The title or any words from it. Words like “and” or “the” are ignored, so you can skip them.
  • ISBN.  ISBN is the International Standard Book Number, used to identify each format of each edition of any title.

Aaron Shepard, the author of “Aiming at Amazon” and a dozen more books offers a great service tool for fellow writers on his website since 2008. Even the New York Times wrote once about it:


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